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‘Yellowstone’ Proves John Dutton Is the King of One-Liners

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

If you were to ask 10 “Yellowstone” fans what their favorite aspect of the show is — you would likely receive several different answers.

The overriding theme of “Yellowstone” is the portrayal of the western cowboy culture and life on one of the country’s biggest cattle ranches. Beyond that, there are numerous reasons people love the hit Paramount Network series. The provides suspense in droves for its viewers to delight in. The multiple and interworking dramas on the show are also enticing for fans to follow. The show also presents the high stakes of protecting the property that rightfully belongs to them. That isn’t something most of us will experience in our lifetimes and “Yellowstone” gives us a taste of that.

Yes, “Yellowstone” has a little something for all of its viewers and with the show’s ever-increasing popularity — it’s clear that this recipe is working. Perhaps an underrated element of the show is its comedic value, which is something most fans really treasure. “Yellowstone” is far from a comedic series, but manages to squeeze in a few laughs. In a recent social media post, “Yellowstone” declares John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner, to be the “king of one-liners.” That might be a stretch but Costner’s character is known to lighten the mood in tense situations.

“John Dutton has the best one-liners,” the Instagram post proclaims.

The video shows John Dutton and his grandson, Tate Dutton, on a fishing excursion. While Tate is eager to cast off and reel in a whopper, John cautions him by comparing fish to bank professionals.

“Trout are like bankers,” he says to his young grandson. “They don’t do a damn thing in the morning.”

Truer words have never been spoken on “Yellowstone.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Three is Just Weeks Away

Fans of the modern western drama are counting down the days until the premiere of Yellowstone’s fourth season. The first episode of the fourth season will premiere on Sunday, Nov. 7.

While he knows his way around a joke, John Dutton’s current status is no laughing matter. In the third season finale, we see John stop on the side of the road to help a stranded family change a flat tire. As he is assisting the family, a van pulls up beside them and opens fire on Dutton. He takes several bullets to the chest before the van speeds away. The last we see of John Dutton in the third season finale, he is covered in blood and lying on the roadside.

When “Yellowstone” returns later this year, some of the show’s biggest questions will revolve around John Dutton. Is he dead? Is he alive? Can his life be saved or is he a goner? Who exactly is behind this heinous attack?

“Yellowstone” fans are hoping for answers to these questions when the new season arrives.