‘Yellowstone’ Ratings Revealed for Season 5 Premiere

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo credits: Paramount Network Press)

The long-awaited premiere of Yellowstone‘s fifth season has come and gone, and the ratings are in. Just as expected, they did really well. The Taylor Sheridan production is back and fans old and new are anxiously waiting to see how this season plays out.

There has been enough time between the last season and now for fans to have binged, rewatch, and hit the message boards to float their favorite theories. It looks like the series did really well with two key adult demographics.

Along with the simulcasts on other networks such as CMT, TV Land, and Comedy Central – more than 12 million viewers watched the premiere. Governor John Dutton has a lot of supporters.

According to Deadline, the ratings for the premiere of Yellowstone were up 52 percent when it came to the 18-34 range, and up 22 percent with the 18-49 range. Those numbers, along with an increase in the 25-54 age group and the addition of 800,000 more total viewers on Paramount pushed the ratings higher.

We all figured out that John Dutton did indeed become governor, even if he would rather not be. That means he has plans, and those that are against him and his ranch need to get out of the way. Just to make sure that there are fewer outsiders (the bad kind, not us) lurking around his interests in Montana, Dutton puts in new legislation and taxes on out-of-state residents.

Of course, Jamie and Beth cannot find any common ground. The two are full of hate for each other just like they have been the entire series.

Flashbacks and New Storylines Fuel ‘Yellowstone’ Ratings

Looking at the premier of Yellowstone and the ratings bump, it’s clear that fans were dying to see this new season. The political storyline that is at play had a lot of viewers interested in Season 4. Now, it’s finally here. Governor Dutton is a real thing.

However, as much as fans love the new stuff, it’s the flashbacks that have a lot of people excited. Getting to look at the younger versions of some of our favorite characters. How about Forrie J. Smith’s son, Forrest, filling in as the young Lloyd?

The past has always revealed a lot about the characters in previous seasons. So, getting more looks at how things unfolded to get us to this point in time is something that fans love to see. Taylor Sheridan incorporates it well, without relying on it as a crutch.

The Yellowstone ratings should come as no surprise to anyone who has kept up with the series over the years. It keeps getting more and more popular, with new fans tuning in all the time. This season is off to a wild start with the first two episodes debuting on Sunday night.