‘Yellowstone’: The Real Dutton Ranch Honors 101st Birthday of Woman Whose Family Bought Stunning Property

by Anna Dunn

The actual ranch where Yellowstone is shot is celebrating the 101st birthday of Billy Anne Ford. Ford’s family originally bought the gorgeous property. The ranch, called the chief Joseph ranch, wrote a touching Instagram post in honor of Ford.

“Happy 101st Birthday, Billie Ann Ford!” The ranch wrote in the post. “May you have a wonderful year ahead! Thank you for spending your Saturday afternoon on the ranch. We will cherish the time we spent with you and your many shared memories.”

Yellowstone shoots on actual location vs. just in the studio. It goes against the grain of a lot of TV shows. Many use a bit of movie magic and simply shoot in California. The Ranch acknowledged Billie Ann Ford’s long history with the property, and how that all accumulated into the ranch fans get to see today.

“Billie Ann Ford is one of two children of William and May Ford, who purchased the 1883 homestead from the Shelton Family. The Ford and Hollister families created a unique and unforgettable western icon that many people have enjoyed in person over the years. Now millions worldwide enjoy their creation through the Yellowstone series,” the ranch continued.

‘Yellowstone’ To Return this November

After a long wait, it’s finally been revealed that Yellowstone will return to Paramount this November. Season 4 of the series was expected earlier in the summer. That’s when previous seasons came out, but June came and went without a word. But now, after over a year away, Yellowstone is back. The official trailer for season 4 will be released tomorrow.

Many are anticipating the return of the series so they can learn about the fate of characters like Beth Dutton. There’s also a ton of new characters joining the series. How they’ll impact the current plots will certainly be interesting to see.

On top of Yellowstone, the creator of the series, Taylor Sheridan, also has two more series coming out this year, both set in the same universe as Yellowstone.

Mayor of Kingstown stars Jeremy Renner and follows a man and his in Michigan who owns private prisons. 1883 has a very different setting. The series is a Yellowstone prequel following an older generation of Duttons as they make the dangerous trek west by wagon.

The journeys made back in the 1800s were incredibly dangerous, and 1883 has a team of historical experts helping out. Sheridan reportedly wants the show to be as authentic as possible, and production has had to build up and recreate almost every prop. Not to mention, they’ve actually built an 1800s town and 30 wagon trains just for 1883.

Both of these series, as well as the release of season 4 of Yellowstone, are allowing Taylor Sheridan to take Yellowstone to the next level by making it a franchise. So while the year of no Yellowstone was hard for fans, it looks like it’s about to pay off big time.