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‘Yellowstone’: The Real Reason Beth Dutton Won’t Let Carter Call Her ‘Mama’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Why in the world would Beth Dutton not let Carter call her “mama” on Yellowstone? It seems rather heartwarming, you know. And the fans, they’re still not happy about the way that scene played out.

During the Season 4 episodes, Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, did get close to Carter, played by Finn Little. There happened to be one scene where Beth was walking through the barn. Carter was in there cleaning out the stalls and called her “Mama.” Beth did say “hey baby” but retraced her steps.

The Yellowstone character was not happy about what Carter called her. In fact, she let him know so much to the point that Carter started crying. All he did was call her “Mama” because there had been a definite growth in their relationship. A thread on Reddit raises some fans’ questions.

‘Yellowstone’ Fan Points Out Beth’s Baggage Around Carter, ‘Mama’ Situation

“She’s got her reasons,” the initial poster writes. “She might be killed in the next 24 hours. That is one of them. And then there is the truth and it can hurt, especially coming from Beth.

“And then there is Beth with her baggage, she’ll never be more of a caring mother than the one she had,” the Redditor writes. “Her mother was mean. So is Beth. Don’t be needy with Beth. It brings out the worst of her mothering skills.”

This Yellowstone fan offers another opinion. “She actually welcomed it at first,” the Redditor writes. “She said ‘hi, baby’. Then, realized what she was about to go do [spl, meaning ‘down’].” Another one backs up this premise. “Exactly. Her instinct was to respond naturally to it,” this Yellowstone fan writes. “Only after thinking about it did she harden her stance. And what she said actually made sense. Had she given him a hug, or maybe pinched his cheek, it wouldn’t have been a bad vibe at all.”

Another Viewer and Fan Hopes More Will Come About in Season 5

Now, this person takes a long view of the situation on Yellowstone Beth Dutton and Carter “Mama.” The Redditor writes: “I understand why she did what she did to Carter. She was in her way protecting him. I hope that in season 5 she will be somewhat of a mother to carter and be a tad bit less mean.”

One thing Yellowstone fans probably have in common is toward seeing a less-mean Beth Dutton in Season 5. Oh, it all will go down on the Paramount Network later this year.

Here is another thought toward the Beth-Carter “Mama” situation. “I’m waiting on someone doing something or saying something about Carter and Beth being nearby,” this Redditor writes. “She will prob become a Mama Bear in two seconds.” This one replies: “I am waiting for that moment. It will be gold.”