‘Yellowstone’: The Real Reason John Dutton Treats Jamie So Poorly

by Leanne Stahulak

Since Season 1, “Yellowstone” fans have witnessed a strained relationship between John Dutton and his middle son, Jamie.

We know it wasn’t always like this. All the Dutton kids had better relationships with John when their mother Evelyn was still alive. But after she died, John came down really hard on Jamie, especially after he went to Harvard for law school.

But some “Yellowstone” fans want to know if John Dutton’s treatment toward Jamie has to do with the fact that he’s actually adopted. Or if there’s another reason for the built-up animosity between them.

At a Glance

  • Yelowstone fans debate their origin of Jamie and John Dutton’s strained realtionship.
  • Some fans speculate that it’s because Jamie’s adopted.
  • Others say it’s because Jamie turned into what John hates.

Why Do Jamie and John Dutton Clash So Much on ‘Yellowstone?’

One “Yellowstone” fan took to Reddit to pose a question about John and Jamie. The fan specifically referenced Season 4 Episode 5, where apparently one of them talks about the fact that Jamie’s “not really a Dutton.”

The original poster wants to know if that’s “because he was adopted? John legally adopted & raised him from infancy. And why was Jamie never told he was adopted? Is this why John’s always casting him out of the family? As an adoptive mom, this makes no sense. We adopted my son as a newborn and he is 100% ours – the same as our biological child.”

This “Yellowstone” fan isn’t wrong. Based on John and Garrett Randall’s interactions in Season 4, we know John adopted Jamie so that he’d have a better life than his criminal father. But then John turned around and didn’t treat Jamie like a father should.

One person replied to the post with three reasons why they think John and Jamie didn’t get along.

Reasons Why Jamie Being Adopted Doesn’t Apply to His and John’s Relationship

First off, “John did not raise his children well after his wife died. As Beth put it, the best parts of him died with her,” the “Yellowstone” fan commented. This is true, and it really applies to John’s relationship with Lee, Kayce, and Beth too.

But what separates Jamie’s relationship from his siblings’ is the fact that his dad sent him to law school. “John pushed Jaime to do things he needed for the ranch but despised. When Jaime was accepted into Harvard, he said to John, you don’t respect lawyers. Beth, again, had keen insight, ‘The more you become what he wants, the more he will hate you for it.'” the fan pointed out.

Perhaps John chose Jamie to become the family lawyer because of his intelligence. Or maybe his desire to please people. Or maybe because he’d rather harbor hate for the adopted child in his family than his blood-related children.

But as the fan finally pointed out, even though Jamie isn’t a Dutton in blood, he certainly is in action. “Regardless of genetics, Jaime is a Dutton, in the worst ways. Every Dutton we know in Yellowstone has killed someone or arranged it,” the “Yellowstone” fan said.

They went on to list everyone every Dutton family member has killed. Then added, “And like everyone else, Jaime is immersed in the ugly parts of the Yellowstone, he knew where the train station was. John is judging Jaime on a double-standard.”

What do you think, “Yellowstone” fans? Does John treat Jamie unfairly because he’s adopted, or because of the reasons listed above?