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Yellowstone Releases Heartwarming ‘Grandpa’s Story’ Video of John and Tate Dutton’s Bond

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network Press

Get ready to fall in love with Yellowstone all over again – because the show’s “Grandpa’s Story” reel is here to squish even the hardiest of hearts.

“That’s the thing about being a grandfather. I get to do all the things I wish I’d done with my children. And the things I regret, I get to do different.”

After many years of hard feelings between father and son, John Dutton has finally begun developing a relationship with his grandson, Tate. Paramount’s latest video focuses on their relationship – and it’s a true testament to the show’s writing.

The son of Monica and Kayce Dutton, Tate has become a fixture of John’s life. The two have an incredible bond, but it wasn’t always there. It had to be built with multi-generational trust – a trust that John had to earn. And still is.

This is sold through the brilliant writing and performances on the show. Specifically, Kevin Costner gives the best of his career to John Dutton. Kelsey Asbille, the actress behind Tate’s mom Monica, definitely agrees:

“Last season, on Yellowstone, we were shooting out on this beautiful land in Utah. Beautiful land – having a campfire. And Kevin Costner is telling a story under the stars… those are always “pinch me” moments. Like – what am I doing!? I can’t believe this is my job [laughs]. There’s a lot of pinch me moments, and [he’s] a master-class on the show, really.”

Kelsey Asbille

Tate & John Dutton Bond Despite Clashing Heritage

Monica is a Native American born within the lands of the Dutton Ranch. After marrying one of the Dutton boys, Kayce, she gave birth to John’s grandson, Tate.

A key part of Monica’s role in the show has been centered around her Native American heritage. As such, the duality of Monica’s development has been incredibly interesting to watch over the first three seasons. As she becomes increasingly torn between her Native American upbringing on the reservation and her love of the Duttons – where will Monica’s loyalties land?

All of this, interestingly enough, filters right on down to Tate. During the “Grandpa’s Story” reel, John Dutton asks Tate if he knows how to ride a horse.

“Course I do. I’m Indian,” Tate smiles.

“Yeah, maybe so,” his grandpa John replies. “But you’re a cowboy today.”

Cornerstone of Yellowstone: John & Tate Dutton’s Relationship

What follows is a brilliant reel of their relationship unfolding from this point on. As sweet as it is to watch John fall in love with his grandson – it’s even more gratifying to watch trust for him grow within Kayce & Monica. Kayce, specifically, has a hard time growing to trust his father intimately. And that trust is continually tested throughout the show through Tate.

“Their relationship started out a bit rocky, but John (Kevin Costner) and Tate (Brecken Merrill) have developed a very special bond that’s become central to the Dutton family.”

Season 4 of Yellowstone, cable’s No. 1 drama, returns in 2021 on Paramount Network.

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