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‘Yellowstone’ Releases Season 5, Episode 5 Preview That Promises Explosive Moments: WATCH

by Megan Molseed
(Photo credit: Paramount Network Press)

The fifth episode from Yellowstone’s season five is premiering tonight and the showrunners behind the popular neo-western drama series have dropped the exciting episode preview, promising some serious drama for our Sunday night.

“I think it’s time we showed ’em what we do and how we do it,” Yellowstone writes on its Twitter page. In this post, the folks behind the wildly popular series give us a glimpse of what we can expect during tonight’s episode titled Watch ‘Em Ride Away. And it promises to bring the kind of drama we love from the series.

“See you tonight at 8/7c. #YellowstoneTV,” the Twitter post continues.

“Fighting Was All They Knew” John Dutton Talks Family Legacy Ahead Of Tonight’s Installment

In the trailer for tonight’s (December 4) episode of the popular TV series, we see a young John Dutton who is portrayed by Josh Lucas riding his horse on the Yellowstone ranch with the bunkhouse crew from the days gone by. At the same time, we hear a voice-over comment from the present John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

“First Duttons to settle this valley, fighting was all they knew,” Costner says in the clip.

Then, the preview cuts to our favorite Yellowstone anti-hero, Kelly Reilly’s fiercely unapologetic Beth Dutton as she sits with her father outside on the Yellowstone ranch.

“She is not gonna help you, dad,” Beth tells John Dutton in the preview.

“You have invited your worst enemy to sleep in your bed,” she continues. Then the video cuts to Summer standing on the ranch. So it’s a very safe assumption that Beth’s dire warning is about the environmental activist.

Next, Sarah and Jamie are talking business in Jamie’s office Sarah tells Jamie “Market Equities or its partners, we can do whatever we want.”

The clip then goes back to Beth talking with her father.

“They want the land, dad,” she says passionately. “That’s all that you need to understand.”

“Fighting Was All They Knew”

Then, as the drama continues to build, we hear John Dutton telling his new son-in-law and his right-hand man Rip (Cole Hauser) that “cowards rule these days, Rip.” The Yellowstone patriarch then tells Rip that “it’s time we show them what we do and how we do it.”

This is certainly a moment that takes us back to Dutton’s words about the previous generations of the family: “Fighting was all they knew.” Ominous words as we see Costner’s John Dutton leading a group away from the bunkhouse on horseback, riding into the darkness.

New episodes of Yellowstone air every Sunday night on the Paramount Network at 8 p.m. eastern.