‘Yellowstone’ Reminds Everyone That It’s John Dutton’s Way or the Highway

by Chris Haney

The latest season of Yellowstone came to an end two days ago, but the show made sure to remind its fans earlier tonight that it’s John Dutton‘s way or the highway.

The finale aired on Sunday night, which brought a shocking end to Season 4. The hit Paramount series referenced one particular scene from the ninth episode in a post on social media. Fans will remember John Dutton and his daughter Beth’s fiery discussion at the dinner table well if they tuned in to the last two episodes of the season. As always, things tend to get heated in the dining room of the Dutton Ranch.

John (Kevin Costner) asked to speak to Beth (Kelly Reilly) about her involvement in protest leader Summer Higgins’ arrest. Beth used Summer to the Dutton’s benefit as part of her continued attempts to ruin Market Equities’ airport plans. Summer is now facing decades in prison for trespassing, assaulting two officers, and other charges stemming from her arrest while protesting.

The Yellowstone star doesn’t mind it when collateral damage impacts their enemies, but he doesn’t want innocent people harmed in the process. John doesn’t think Beth’s actions were honorable in the least. After an explosive argument between the pair, John simply tells his daughter that it’s his ranch, therefore it’s his rules.

Yellowstone fans aren’t used to seeing John blow up at his daughter. In fact, for the first time ever, he says she disappointed him. He even tells Beth it might be time for her to move out. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed in the end, but it was one of many memorable scenes as the season tied things up.

“His kingdom. His rules. #YellowstoneTV,” the series’ Instagram account wrote.

Costner himself agreed when adding a comment to the post that simply said, “Got that right.”

‘Yellowstone’ Stars Open Up About John’s ‘Disappointment’ With Beth

In last week’s Behind the Story,” the two Yellowstone stars spoke out about the intense father-daughter scene from Episode 9. Kelly Reilly admits her character “fights dirty.” But as long as her family and the ranch are okay, she couldn’t care less.

“So Beth fights dirty. And of course, her father doesn’t like that. So she comes up against him,” Reilly explains. “As long as she can protect her father and the ranch she doesn’t — she says it– ‘I don’t care.'”

“I voice a level of disappointment with her. Which is terrible for her to hear. I find it was important that I say it to her,” Kevin Costner chimed in about the scene.

It might’ve been a tough message to hear, but it may have been a necessary one so Beth doesn’t take things too far. Reilly says Beth is doing everything she can for her dad and their family’s ranch, but that moment of rejection pained her to no end.

“It’s a really difficult moment for her, that rejection,” Reilly said. “Because she’s doing it all for him. It just touches her, the most vulnerable, weakest spot in her and it’s just so painful.”