‘Yellowstone’ Rip Wheeler Actor Cole Hauser Reveals If He Would Star in a ‘Yellowstone’ Movie: Outsider Exclusive

by Jon D. B.
Outsider's Cole Hauser interview for Yellowstone Season 5. (Photo credit: Outsider)

Cole Hauser is a man of few words. But this isn’t to say he’s withholding when it comes to his love for Yellowstone. It’s the opposite, in fact. Hauser exudes passion for the show, his cast and crewmates, and Rip Wheeler especially.

In person, Hauser is, in fact, similar to his fan-favorite character in many ways (minus all the homicide, of course). He’s a gentleman’s gentleman; a stalwart actor who’s spent 30+ years in the film industry after growing up on a California ranch. Much of what Yellowstone embodies resides close to his heart, something that trumps any fatigue he may have experienced from the seemingly-endless interviews packed into the cast’s Yellowstone Press Day this past Thursday. Which was excellent news for Outsider as I sat down to (finally) chat with the man behind the best character on television’s #1 show.

‘Yellowstone’ Movie? Cole Hauser Gives the Perfect Answer

We discussed a few key aspects of Rip, how he wants to see the character grow, and a few other tantalizing questions we’ll get into soon. But the brightest I saw Cole Hauser smile was undoubtedly when I asked him if he’d be down for a Yellowstone movie.

“Hell yeah,” Hauser grinned wide. “Absolutely. Bring it.”

Again, he’s a man of few words. But those words are always straight to the point. They ring sincere, as does his performance as Rip, which is what it takes to make such a powerful anti-hero the most powerful Western hero in decades.

Regardless, Yellowstone Movie remains one of the top-searched terms in relation to the show. As for whether that comes to fruition; we’ll just have to wait and see. For what it’s worth, this Outsider’s bet is on six seasons of Yellowstone proper, followed by a feature film a few years down the line.

For now, audiences have the Yellowstone Season 5 premiere to look forward to this November 13. And again, for what it’s worth, I can’t imagine anyone being let down by it.

Catch the two-hour premiere event a week from today on Sunday, Nov. 13 at 8 PM ET, exclusively on Paramount Network. Further episodes will air each Sunday at the same time.