‘Yellowstone’: Rip Wheeler Actor Cole Hauser’s Kid Hilariously Goes All Out for St. Paddy’s Day

by Thad Mitchell

Yellowstone star Cole Hauser and his family celebrated St. Patrick’s Day yesterday (Wednesday) with the rest of the world. Judging by a few photos making their way around Instagram, it’s safe to say the Hauser family is big into the Irish holiday.

The primary and easiest way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is to simply wear green articles of clothing. The Yellowstone actor’s family seems to have that part down pat. Hauser’s wife, photographer, and former actress Cynthia Hauser took to social media to share a photo of their Irish green attire. Steely Rose, the couple’s youngest child, and only daughter definitely got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit with her attire.

“St. Patties Day Warrior,” Mrs. Hauser writes in the post’s caption space. She also includes a muscle emoji and a clover emoji at the end of her caption. She also tags her husband in the Instagram post.

The Yellowstone star’s post took in hundreds of “likes” and dozens of comments with many commenters wishing the Hauser family a happy and safe holiday.

In addition to Steely Rose, Cole and Cynthia Hauser have two sons named Colt Hauser and Ryland Hauser.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Hope for More Rip in Season Four

Hauser finished filming Season Four of Yellowstone last year, which expects to make its debut sometime this summer. With filming for the upcoming season all but done, Hauser has found some quality time to spend with his family. Like his wife, Cole is also fond of sharing photos of family outings on social media. Just a few weeks ago a shared a photo of the family’s ski outing in California.

Yellowstone fans are wondering what is in store for Hauser’s ranch character Rip Wheeler in the new season. The season three finale saw an attack on the Dutton family from unknown assailants. Among those attacked are Rip’s boss John Dutton and his fiancé Beth Dutton. Kayce Dutton is also under attack in the season finale.

Super loyal to the Dutton family, Yellowstone fans are speculating that it will be Rip who avenges the attack on the family. A big and burly cowboy, Rip wins most of the fights he enters. The Dutton family attackers may regret their decision once Rip gets ahold of them.