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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: All the Songs From Episode 9

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo: Paramount+/Paramount Network)

“Yellowstone” has featured a lot of great artists and bands over its 4 seasons, and we’re here with the latest from episode 9. This episode included Honey County, Red Shahan, Cody Johnson, Ryan Bingham, and more.

First up, “Chess” by Honey County. Honey County is made up of California-based pop-country duo Dani Rose and Sofie Lynn. Their website describes their music as “anthemic” with “soaring” harmonies, where “two empowered women run the show.” The guitars are strong, and the lyrics are powerful; “Chess” has big Beth Dutton vibes. “You picked a fight / and you picked the wrong girl” has Beth written all over it. Additionally, Honey County’s harmonies are so smooth it sounds like one voice. An excellent choice for a scene with a powerful woman in the lead.

Next, “Javelina” by Red Shahan. Texas country artist Red Shahan draws on his home state for inspiration, stating that he wants to showcase the “real Texas” that people don’t talk about. “Javelina” feels like a rollicking song for a rodeo scene or horse wrangling. It’s a fairly new album, having released in June 2021, and the title track “Javelina” lends a raspy wildness to any scene. There’s a certain lawlessness in the song that fits well with the lawlessness of “Yellowstone.”

Then, we have “Dear Rodeo” by Cody Johnson. The song is a smooth, twangy love letter to rodeo. Cody Johnson describes himself as a cowboy, and that’s the lifestyle that he brings to his music. “Yellowstone,” in part, is about being a cowboy, so the song fits perfectly into that niche. It’s about giving up rodeo, and the pain of having to leave behind something that you love, something that I feel a lot of characters on “Yellowstone” can relate to.

The ‘Yellowstone’ Soundtrack for Episode 9

Up next, “Break My Heart Sweetly” by John Moreland. Moreland’s website describes his writing as “earthbound poetry,” and poetry is really exactly what it is. His words are knife-sharp and draped in melancholy, and they fit so well with the “Yellowstone” aesthetic. “I worshipped at the altar / of losing everything” is such a poignant line that could be related to any of the characters on the show. Moreland’s work is folksy and painfully real, and he puts pieces of himself in every song.

Then there’s “Restless Ways” by Gethen Jenkins. This song has all the steel guitar and banjo you could ever need. It’s got a classic country sound that really gets the toes tapping, and works well against the “Yellowstone” backdrop. This song is basically just a good time, and it’s fun to listen to.

Lastly, “Hallelujah” by Ryan Bingham. Bingham has a unique, raspy voice that lends itself well to “Yellowstone.” Not to mention, he also portrays Walker on the show. But, as for his music, he spins interesting stories in his songs; “Hallelujah” is about being shot and killed and the resulting awareness while dying. The character Bingham creates is still holding onto life and love while facing death, and that brings to mind so many “Yellowstone” characters.