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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Beth Dutton Finally Learns Game-Changing Secret

by Leanne Stahulak

Many pieces finally fell into place during last night’s episode of “Yellowstone,” including Beth finding out who attacked them at the end of Season 3.

All season long, she’s been convinced that Jamie ordered the attacks and tried to have them all killed. It was definitely telling that all of the Duttons were attacked except for him. But viewers already know that that’s because Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, actually ordered Terell Riggins to orchestrate the attacks.

But Beth and John don’t know about Randall’s involvement just yet. They just know that Riggins orchestrated it from within prison, ordering people on the outside to execute it. In “Yellowstone,” John tells Beth that Riggins did it to prove to rival gang members that he’s not weak (Riggins was part of the militia the Duttons destroyed back in Season 2).

But this excuse sounds flimsy, and it’s surprising that John doesn’t realize that. Maybe that’s because he doesn’t have the full picture and can’t understand why else Riggins would attack him — which is because someone else ordered him to do it.

So, Beth finally knows the truth — or at least as much truth as John knows. What she wants to know now is what John plans to do about it. Though he says Riggins is likely already dead, that’s not enough for Beth. She wants something else, something more concrete to show what happens to people who cross the Duttons.

Throughout Season 4, “Yellowstone” has been promising fans that the Duttons were following a “road to revenge” for everything that happened to them during Season 3. But with only one episode left and not all the cards laid out on the table, can that revenge realistically happen this season?

Let’s Dive into That John and Garrett Confrontation on ‘Yellowstone’

The only way that the Duttons can exact their revenge on the last episode of “Yellowstone” Season 4 is if they find out about Garrett Randall’s involvement. That seems like a pretty slim chance, though, for just a one-hour episode.

Perhaps the big cliffhanger that everyone’s wondering about will involve the truth coming out. Then Season 5 focuses on the war between the Duttons and Randalls. The run for governor will trickle into that season, hiding the true conflict between these two warring families.

During “Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 9, we did learn a little bit of history about John and Garrett, though. When they confronted each other in the diner, John mentioned how he hadn’t seen Garrett since the judge sentenced him to life in prison.

Garrett retorted that John could’ve told the truth about Jamie’s mother becoming a drug addict. But John said that Garett made her become a drug addict, so it was still his responsibility and crime for killing her.

This gives an interesting insight into their past relationship. Back in Season 3, John told Jamie that the two couples used to be friends. But when the Randalls got into hard drugs, they separated. And John always cared more for Jamie’s mother than his father. So he was all too happy to send Garrett to prison.

Could this be the true reason Garrett ordered the attacks on the Duttons though? How much more history will be unveiled in the finale and coming seasons? Tune in this Sunday, Outsiders, for the season finale of “Yellowstone.”