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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4’s Biggest Unanswered Questions That Need Resolving in Season 5

by Leanne Stahulak
Paramount Network.

“Yellowstone” Season 4 introduced a lot of exciting faces and drama-filled plotlines early on. But these are the ones we’d really like to see the show tackle in Season 5.

Many new characters appeared at the beginning of the season but only made sporadic appearances throughout the rest of it. For instance, Jamie’s new baby.

We don’t even know the baby’s name at this point, or technically how old he is. We’ve seen him in only two specific contexts on “Yellowstone:” When Jamie first meets him, and when he plays in the yard with him for one brief scene. Other than that, we never really get to see Jamie tackle that fatherly role.

So, one of the unresolved plotlines that we’d like to see addressed in “Yellowstone” Season 5 is the future of Jamie’s family. How will he focus on them moving forward? Or, after Beth’s actions in the Season 4 finale, is Jamie going to push them away to protect them from her?

This would be slightly disappointing, given all the effort the show went through to bring back Christina’s storyline. Fans always wondered if the writers forgot about her pregnancy announcement in Season 2 since we never saw her in “Yellowstone” Season 3. But it would be even worse if the writers wrote her out of Season 5 after taking the time to introduce Jamie’s baby and ex back into Season 4.

What Other Storylines Do We Need to See in ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

Aside from a bigger focus on Jamie’s family life, we’d also like to see more behind the scenes of Market Equities. There are two different plotlines that “Yellowstone” Season 4 laid the groundwork for but never fully finished building upon.

One of those was the indigenous bones that Market Equities dug up on the site of their airport. For a brief moment in Episode 2, this paused construction. Thomas Rainwater appeared and basically told Caroline Warner that he and his tribe would drag out the ceremonies surrounding the finding of the bones as long as possible. But Warner struck a deal with Rainwater that was supposed to sway him to let them continue construction.

After this brief moment, we never saw Warner and Rainwater interact again. What happened to that deal? And were those bones properly removed/honored? We would’ve liked to see Rainwater in more of a business context this season on “Yellowstone,” making plans with Market Equities that would eventually lead to the Duttons’ downfall. After all, they’re still supposed to be friendly enemies, right?

Speaking of Caroline Warner. At the end of “Yellowstone” Season 4, Warner told Beth Dutton that she would take Beth down for good. Legally, at least. At the time, Beth wasn’t concerned because she thought she was about o murder a man and go to jail anyway. So, what’s going to happen to Beth? How will Market Equities and Warner follow through on their threats?

We’ve seen Beth act as the top dog all season. It’ll be interesting to watch her play a little more defense in Season 5 to balance out the power dynamics.