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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: The Burning Question From John Dutton-Garrett Randall Scene

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

“Yellowstone” Season 4 Episode 9 delivered a lot of key moments that will all build up to the season finale airing next week.

But one of the biggest moments definitely involved John Dutton and Garrett Randall. The two finally confronted one another at a local diner and the tension definitely thickened in the room.

John says he hasn’t seen Garrett since a judge sentenced him to life in prison. Garrett confirms he spent 30 years “in a concrete box” before he got out. But something about that line struck one “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit recently.

The Reddit user posted a huge thread of thoughts and reactions from the latest “Yellowstone” episode. And at one point, they did some quick math on Garrett’s prison time.

“Garrett spent 30 years in prison. Jamie’s 41, so that means Garrett’s been out for 10 years. Has he just been welding fence pipe all this time? Why didn’t he take his revenge against John sooner? Has he been keeping tabs on John and Jamie this whole time, saving up his pennies to finance the big hit?” the user wrote in their post.

Why The Garrett v. John Drama Just Started Now on ‘Yellowstone’

Until this “Yellowstone” scene, we had no idea that Garrett even had a bone to pick with John. But the ex-con revealed that John could’ve told the judge the truth about Jamie’s mother becoming a drug addict. John rebutted by saying Garrett turned her into an addict and killed her for it. But Garrett clearly sees John as the one who put him behind bars.

So, why wouldn’t he take revenge sooner? We already know Garrett had a connection with Terrell Riggins in prison because they were cellmates. So was it just about the money? It likely took a lot of cash to finance a hit that big (an office explosion and two gunfights in public areas).

Or maybe, during the first nine years or so he was out of prison, Garrett realized that Jamie felt happy and content with his adopted family. Killing John for Garrett’s personal vendetta would only hurt Jamie when he was happy to be a Dutton. But over the last four seasons of “Yellowstone,” John and Jamie have slowly grown further and further apart.

Maybe Garrett bided his time until the separation between Jamie and John was final. That seemed to happen during Season 3 when Jamie insisted on getting to know his biological father more. Garrett saw it as the opportunity he needed to eliminate John from the picture and secure his son’s future as the owner of the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch.

So maybe those ten years out of prison were spent watching and waiting patiently. Garrett clearly knows how to play the long game, and based on his words to Jamie earlier this “Yellowstone” season, we know he’s going to come for the Duttons again someday. We can only hope that they’ll be ready for it.