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The ‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 ‘Cliffhanger Speculation’ Has Officially Begun

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

We’re down to just two more episodes of “Yellowstone” Season 4, and fans have already started speculating whether we’ll get another monumental cliffhanger or not.

Season 3 shocked fans by attempting to kill off multiple members of the Dutton family and leaving their fates unknown. We waited over a year to get our answer as to who lived and who died. Luckily, no one bit the dust, but will all of our favorite characters survive the Season 4 finale?

One “Yellowstone” fan on Reddit posted a similar question earlier today. They wanted to hear other fans’ “cliffhanger speculations” for the end of Season 4. And boy, did people deliver.

Some took the question seriously, while others put out absolutely bonkers answers. Like Tate ordering the attack and secretly planning to take out the Duttons one at a time so he could rule the ranch. The theory is way out there, but the commenter put some serious thought into the evidence to support it.

Others fans believe Monica will be involved in a “Yellowstone” cliffhanger. Last episode, Kayce and the viewers found out she’s pregnant with their second child.

“I think something will happen to Monica. To get news like that two episodes before the finale is a bit suspicious. Probably lose the baby and end up in the hospital or taken,” one person commented.

The person who originally posted the question agreed, replying, “I think the cliffhanger for S4 will involve Monica. Something happens to her and we won’t know if she lives or dies until S5.”

Could the ‘Yellowstone’ Cliffhanger Occur At Rip and Beth’s Wedding?

Other “Yellowstone” fans on the Reddit thread pointed to an event the show’s been building up for a while: Rip and Beth’s wedding. They decided to do an unofficial ceremony somewhere out in the mountains back in Season 3. This season, the lovebirds moved in together and have made small steps to become more like a family.

A few episodes ago, Beth asked Rip to take her out for a ride so they could pick the spot to have their wedding. Will the wedding finally occur during the finale? And if it does, will something horrible overshadow the loving moment?

“Beth and Rip’s wedding…another hit on the family. Friggin Beirut in Montana. Bullets flying, definitely with Monica as a casualty. Jamie involved, maybe takes out bio-daddy himself. Tate has a boner, doesn’t know why. Gator makes gluten-free Wheatgrass for everyone to celebrate,” one fan speculated.

With the exception of Tate and Gator’s wheatgrass, this theory could hold up well. Monica dying at the wedding would be a huge emotional gut-punch, and it would create suspense around Season 5. How will Kayce cope with the loss of his wife and unborn child? Will Beth think she’s cursed to have all the happy things in her life taken away?

Sound off with your own “Yellowstone” Season 4 finale predictions, Outsiders.