‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Cole Hauser Reveals Set Photo With Jennifer Landon, Bunkhouse Ranchers

by Jon D. B.
Photo credit: Paramount Network / Viacom

Rip Wheeler himself, Cole Hauser, is teasing another look at Season 4 of Yellowstone with a row of ranchers by his side ready to “go to work”.

Yellowstone fans need no introduction to Cole Hauser. The star plays Rip Wheeler, television’s best anti-hero and fiercely loyal rancher. Today, Hauser takes to Instagram to share another look at Season 4 of Yellowstone. This time, the grizzly actor posts a striking group shot of himself with the Bunkhouse Ranchers. Also present? Teeter actress Jennifer Landon and Lloyd actor & real cowboy, Forrie J. Smith.

The photo comes as one of several from Yellowstone’s highly-anticipated Season 4 posted by Hauser. So far, he is our largest source of information for the next episodes. If you don’t follow Hauser on Instagram, we suggest doing so if you’re a Yellowstone fan. Which you are – otherwise you wouldn’t be here! For said fans, he’s been posting a steady stream of exclusive looks at the set & action for S4. This is more than most actors have done for the show, by far.

Cole Hauser Shares Glimpse of Yellowstone Season 4

Posting to his Instagram account today, the actor says it’s “time to go to work” once more. Hauser is thankful for another “gorgeous morning on the Yellowstone set,” and we would be, too.

Hauser clearly loves the work, as do the other actors present. As with previous posts, however, not much detail is given. In fact, we know precious little about S4. So far, only rumors persist – with one garnering quite a bit of traction and clues. If this rumor pans out, too – then Rip Wheeler himself may end up with a teenage son.

We’ll know for sure once Yellowstone‘s next season hits in 2021. Before then, parent studio Paramount is expected to announce an official release date and trailer. Keep your eyes peeled for it here on Outsider.com.

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