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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Cole Hauser Teases Look at Dutton Ranch in Upcoming Season

by Jon D. B.
(source: Paramount Networks Press Center, Yellowstone Series Photography)

Cole Hauser is teasing our first look at Season 4 of Yellowstone with this spectacular view of the Dutton Ranch.

Hauser, the actor behind everyone’s favorite anti-hero Rip Wheeler, is one lucky guy. For one, he gets to play one of the best characters on Paramount’s hit show. And he gets to enjoy incredible views like this while he does it.

Taking to his Instagram to share a first look, Hauser posts a breathtaking angle of the Dutton Ranch. The photo comes as one of the first from Yellowstone’s highly-anticipated Season 4.

Cole Hauser shares first glimpse into Yellowstone Season 4

Posting to his Instagram account today, the actor shows a glorious view from atop his horse. The scenery? The Dutton family’s now-famous “property”, Yellowstone Ranch.

Filming has been well underway this year for S4. The shot shows a pristine set – the best any actor could hope for. Montana’s full glory is on display: from towering blue mountains to the endless evergreen trees surrounding the ranch.


Could that be Beth actress Kelly Reilly across the ranch from Hauser? With their relationship finally official, chances are they’ll be spending the entire season sharing scenes. If they survived at all, that is.

While not much detail is given, Hauser is clearly loving another “perfect day on the ranch”. In fact, we know precious little about S4. So far, only rumors persist – with one garnering quite a bit of traction and clues. If this rumor pans out, too – then Rip Wheeler himself may end up with a teenage son.

We’ll know for sure once Yellowstone’s next season hits in 2021. Before then, parent studio Paramount is expected to announce an official release date and trailer. Keep your eyes peeled for it here on Outsider.com.

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