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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Could Key Character Returning in Tonight’s Episode Mean Bad News for John Dutton?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Tonight’s brand new episode of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” will see the return of a major character.

Montana Governor Lynelle Perry, played by actress Wendy Moniz, will make her “Yellowstone” season four debut tonight (Sunday). We’ve not seen the Montana Governor in a good bit so it is fair to wonder just what her motives are. She is featured in this week’s teaser trailer for the episode titled “Keep The Wolves Close” premiering tonight. In the trailer, we see Governor Perry emerging from a helicopter as she is greeted by John Dutton. Though the two have a secret romance, it appears this trip to “Yellowstone” Ranch is more business than pleasure. She informs John that the state of Montana is looking for the next class of leadership to emerge. We then see short glimpses of Jamie, Beth and Kayce Dutton, which could mean Perry is referring to one of the three. John doesn’t seem too thrilled with the news and tells Perry to look at other options.

The “Yellowstone” trailer hit social media earlier this week and the show’s Instagram page reminded us again today (Sunday) that a new episode is quickly approaching. Pay close attention to the first few seconds of the clip and the interaction between John Dutton and Governor Perry.

“Governor Perry returns on an all-new episode of Yellowstone,” the social media post proclaims. “It all starts tonight at 8/7c only on the Paramount Network.”

You can tell that John and Governor Perry have a real connection by the genuine reaction displayed on both their faces. We don’t often see John Dutton smile but it seems the Montana politician has that effect on him. We’ll see if he keeps smiling after their talk.

‘Yellowstone’ Returning Character Could Make an Impact on Season

If the Governor is in town, it likely means there is plenty to talk about. John Dutton wields much political influence inside the state of Montana. Owning the biggest cattle ranch in the state tends to have that effect.

As we see in the brief “Yellowstone” video preview, it appears John would like Perry to reconsider something — we just don’t what yet.

“If there are other options — choose one of them,” John says rather matter of factly.

This could suggest that the governor wants to move Jamie Dutton into a more prominent leadership role. That likely won’t sit well with John as he is unsure if he can trust his adopted son.

It is interesting that the Governor almost seems like she is asking John’s permission for something. It shows just how much influence the “Yellowstone” owner has in Montana.

“Yellowstone” fans are excited to see Governor Perry return and we’ll see what she is up to in the new episode tonight.