‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Did Beth Dutton Survive?

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Be warned: There are major spoilers ahead for Yellowstone Season 4 within, so proceed at your own risk – no matter the outcome for Beth!

What a show. What a premiere. And what a character.


Genuinely, no other fictional woman has held the gravitas of Beth Dutton in recent memory. The only Dutton daughter, played to perfection by Kelly Reilly, has had us all hooked from the start. Which is exactly why seeing Beth looking like a zombie is so shocking.

‘Yellowstone’ Spoilers: The Fate of Beth Dutton

Right in the early throws of the Season 4 premiere, Beth emerges from her office half-alive. And the first thing she does? Ask a stranger for a cigarette. But she’s alive. For now.

Police call out to her, but she can’t hear anything from the blast upstairs seconds earlier.

Beth is alive. But for how long? Like her brother Kayce and her father John, her fate hangs in the balance.

Previously, just when things were looking up for Beth, tragedy would strike.  As soon as she makes her rocky relationship with Rip Wheeler final, an explosive package arrives at her office.

Deadly chaos ensues. Her father is gunned down in the streets outside their sprawling Yellowstone Ranch. Her only living brother by blood, Kayce Dutton, is barraged by a storm of bullets. And for well over a year, fans would drive themselves nuts wondering… Could Beth really be gone? Would Yellowstone kill off arguably their most popular character this early in the game? Does anyone even have the cojones to kill off Kevin Costner in the show he made work, Taylor Sheridan included?

While it feels like we finally have our answer there, remember that no one is safe on Yellowstone. If Seasons 1-3 have proven anything, it’s that anything can happen at any moment.

Kelly Reilly Described ‘What Happens’ in Season 4 as ‘Wonderful’

For our part, we think Beth will/thought Beth would be around for the long haul. She seems/seemed destined to “watch everything she loves die,” as she so famously said herself. She has had to live to suffer through it all so far. So if anything, this tortured soul will be the last Dutton standing.

Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom

Oddly enough, Kelly Reilly seemed to circumvent all expectations way back in early 2021. While speaking to ScreenRant, the Yellowstone icon would play mum with Season 4. Up to a point, that is.

“Yeah, the end of season three is a big cliffhanger,” she began. “I’m not allowed to really say too much about whether or not I’m part of season four. In fact, I’m not allowed to say anything.”

Then she said something.

“What I can say is that season four has been shot, and that it’s wonderful what happens. I will say that,” Reilly revealed.