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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Did John Dutton Just Unwittingly Undercut Kayce?

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

With the “Yellowstone” Season 4 finale only two episodes away, fans are quickly analyzing last-minute plot points that they want to see resolved before the season wraps.

One of the major storylines from this season is John Dutton running for governor against his adopted son, Jamie Dutton. John doesn’t believe Jamie will do what he can to preserve the old western lifestyle. In fact, he believes Jamie is capable of destroying what he’s fought so hard to protect. So, John decides he’s the only one who can run against Jamie to stop him.

But ever since this storyline began last episode, “Yellowstone” fans have been asking the same question: What about Kayce?

One fan posed that same question on Reddit earlier today. They remembered a conversation that took place near the end of Season 3. Kayce made a huge impact on the community as Livestock Commissioner, and several other commissioners approached him about starting to campaign for the governorship.

During “Yellowstone” Season 3, the show mentioned how Governor Lynelle Perry would be termed out for the position. But now, during Season 4, they’re saying she’s running for U.S. Senate. Either way, we never saw Kayce seriously consider the commissioners’ offer of support

So, did Taylor Sheridan forget about this conversation? Or decide to rewrite it for the story’s sake? So far, we’ve seen only minimal interaction between John and Kayce, but this could be an interesting conversation between the two that takes place in the next two episodes.

Here’s What ‘Yellowstone’ Fans Think About Kayce Confronting John About the Governorship

The original poster in the “Yellowstone” subreddit wondered if the conversation between Kayce and the other commissioners “would come back into play at some point.” But other fans wondered if Kayce’s destined for a new position.

“I think Kayce is a logical Sheriff choice,” one fan put out there. Sheriff Haskell died last episode in a shocking twist when a local diner got held up by robbers. But other “Yellowstone” fans quickly cut in to say it would be a demotion from Kayce’s current position. Plus, we all know that Kayce only loosely follows law enforcement protocols.

Another fan wondered why Jamie didn’t immediately become the “de facto” governor when Governor Perry decided to run for U.S. Senate. Really, this idea depends on if Governor Perry ran for the U.S. senate right in the middle of her term or near the election. And we all know that this storyline is less about election protocol and more about the conflict between Jamie and John.

Which is why there’s only a small chance that Kayce will confront John about the position, in this Outsider’s opinion. Kayce and Jamie are the closest. So, both campaigns would be less cutthroat than if John and Jamie were to rip into each other. Plus, it’s John and Jamie who have issues that need to be resolved, and the governorship election is just their battleground.