‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Does Jamie Dutton Storyline Have Big ‘Plothole?’

by Thad Mitchell

We are heading down the home stretch of “Yellowstone’s” fourth season and there are plenty of questions we hope to get answers to.

Jamie Dutton has certainly had a wild ride through the fourth season as he grows closer to his biological father. He also welcomes back Christina and his son back into his life. They look like a nice modern family but secrets lurk all around them. One of those secrets is just how did they all come together in the first place. It is the topic of discussion in a recent Reddit thread.

“When she left Jamie it was because he wouldn’t disown or leave the Duttons,” a “Yellowstone fan points out. “Unless I missed it there has been no public falling out between Jamie and family and any outsiders should think they are still tight. So how is it she decided to show up with the baby out of the blue? Where would she have gotten any inside info about Jamie’s current feelings about John? I’ve seen theories that Jamie’s bio dad told her but how would he have known she existed?”

It is an excellent question to ponder as we are just one episode away from the season four finale. Several other “Yellowstone” fans chime in with their own thoughts and theories on the situation.

“By the dynamic we’re seeing between baby mama and bio daddy, I’d say that he’s definitely the one that contacted her and got her to come back,” one fan says.

“It is a plot hole, but we just have to assume that Jamie told his dad everything that’s happened to him in the last 20 years,” another says.

‘Yellowstone’ Has Plenty More Secrets Up Its Sleeve

This season has been full of suspense and action and now it’s coming down to the nitty-gritty as the end is in sight. There is still much to be decided over the course of the last two episodes and fans can expect a thrill ride. You can always count on “Yellowstone” to deliver a surprising twist as the end comes near. Fans still remember the cliff-hanging finale of the third season that saw multiple attacks on the Dutton family. We can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for us this go around.

One juicy tease from the latest preview trailer shows Garrett Randall and John Dutton meeting face to face. That is a moment that every “Yellowstone” fan has been waiting on. There will certainly be fireworks when those two finally meet up. Who will come out on top? Finding out is half the fun for the show’s enormous fanbase.

There is likely another twist or two coming at us in these last few episodes — so buckle up, “Yellowstone” fans.