‘Yellowstone’: Full Recap of Season 4, Episode 5

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone Season 4, Episode 5, earns its “Under a Blanket of Red” title fully, but in completely unexpected ways.

For the previous episode, it was Beth’s voice who opened the proceedings. This time, however, it’s Jamie delivering the iconic “Previously, on Yellowstone…” And wow, does he earn it.

But first, Episode 5 opens with John Dutton alone in the family ranch. Or so he thinks. After a shower and an unwanted “anatomy lesson” for his daughter, he discovers Beth sitting by his fireside.

The two discuss solace as only a father and daughter can. How does one find it? Both have “looked everywhere,” but peace continues to evade them. Yet John makes sure Beth knows he has his daughter, the only thing keeping his heart full. Indeed, he tells her he’s not sure he could stomach this world without her. But Beth ensures her father she’s not going anywhere.

“If a meteor strikes this planet tomorrow night, it’s me and the cockroaches running this motherf*cker,” Beth smiles to her father.

“Well then, tomorrow’s my lucky day,” John smiles. “Good night, honey.”

As the episode progresses, however, Beth is forced to tell her father she’s taking the job for Market Equities. He’s not happy about it, but we see the trust he has in his daughter slowly unravel his doubts.

And soon after, Beth is driving seven hours just to tell her old Schwartz & Myer boss, Bob, he’s sitting in her seat. In a moment she’s been biting for, she fires him unceremoniously. As she exits, Beth reveals the entire operation is moving to Montana. And just like that, Beth is President of Market Equities.

Kayce, Monica, and Tate Heal Outside the Yellowstone

Over on the Broken Rock Reservation, Kayce is choosing to let his family heal away from the chaos of the Duttons.

“I feel better already. In my soul,” Monica tells her husband. Which is good, as their son, Tate, continues to struggle with the killing he had to do to protect his mother.

But patriarch Thomas Rainwater doesn’t see this as a curse. He sees both Tate and Monica as warriors who did what needed to be done. But Monica doesn’t feel a warrior herself. Rainwater, however, disagrees. After asking her how she feels of the scenario that played out in the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere, she answers him:

“My only regret is I didn’t kill him myself.”

“That is a warrior’s regret,” Rainwater replies.

Thankfully, we see Tate is already feeling much better after time with Monica’s family. Peace is plentiful in their grandfather’s home. And it still cannot be found on the Yellowstone Ranch.

Rip & Lloyd Continue to Hash it Out

Early on in the episode, Lloyd teaches Carter how to saddle a horse. With great patience, he walks the troubled youth through every single piece, part, and component. Through this, Carter immediately learns more from Lloyd than he has in all his days on the ranch prior. But Rip doesn’t think he’ll last long enough to even “earn” a name other than “boy.”

This pales in comparison to Rip’s hang-up with Lloyd, however.

“Don’t forget who he is to us,” bossman John reminds him.

“Who he is to us, sir, is why he’s still walking,” Rip replies.

Lloyd’s “chompin’ at the bit” as he watches Walker, Jake, Ethan, and Colby all get to ride the Duttons’ new prize horses. And he can’t keep it in. In a tense exchange, Lloyd confronts Rip over his treatement.

“After all I’ve done for you?” he yells to Rip. But Rip won’t back down. He’s going to make sure Lloyd doesn’t break form again. Ever.

After a hard day’s work, the bunkhouse settles in to drink and enjoy a roping competition. But Lloyd can’t take it, and checks in on Carter. Afterwards, he’s treated to the sight of Walker and Laramie shagging by the fire outside her trailer. And it’s more than the old timer can take. As he tells Rip in the previous scene, “he should be dead!”

Rip agrees. “But he ain’t. The boss wants him here, Lloyd, so he’s here,” he tells his old mentor. “The ranch comes first and you forgot that.”

Jamie Looks Into His Family’s Murders, Gets Two Huge Reveals in One Episode

During the chaos elsewhere, Jamie makes a call to the lawyer of the convict responsible for putting out a hit on his family: Riggins. He talks to Riggins’ lawyer, offers him immunity, and gets the truth rolling.

“No matter what you say, you’re a state’s witness,” he ensures Riggins. Jamie then places him in protected custody, and with an old photo of his biological father during incarceration, asks Riggins if Garrett Randall facilitated the murder on the Duttons. All falls silent.

We’re not told directly, but the reveal is implied. Randall and Riggins are old cell mates, and when Jamie returns to his new ranch, he is boiling with rage towards his manipulative father.

Manipulative is the key word here, too. Before Jamie is able to confront Randall, out from his new home walks the ghosts of his past: Christina and his baby son.

“You did exactly what you said you were going to do,” Christina tells Jamie.

And with tears in his eyes, Jamie finally meets his own child.

Meanwhile, in Texas…

“Most people in Texas don’t sleep on the ground,” an old 6666 rancher tells Jimmy after he’s woken up by a massive centipede.

Jimmy’s getting his first real taste of cowboy life outside of Yellowstone. And it’s a lot.

“You got to want this life. You got to want it to yer bones. If you don’t, it can be Hell on Earth,” the old timer continues.

Jimmy’s then gets to meet a Texas legend, he’s put to work, and off he goes to continue setting up spinoff 6666.

Summer Higgings: ‘Yellowstone’ Protester on the Rise

Early on in the episode, Kayce shows up to work to an unexpected problem. Outside his precinct, a whole crowd of protesters becoming instantly violent. One tackles Kayce, and the scene explodes after several officers draw their firearms.

Enter Summer Higgins, played by Piper Perabo.

John Dutton gets an intro with her immediately. She attempts to take down his “Toxic male fantasy,” but it doesn’t work on John. He then makes the call to press charges against her for her actions, and she’s carted away. He’s hoping the consequences deter further protesting. But something tells us it’ll do the opposite.

In a shock reveal, however, John moves to clear his conscience and bails her out of jail. He pays her way out in full, in fact. And in return, he asks that Summer accompanies him to his ranch – another completely unexpected move.

Through their first scenes alone, we learn these two have far more in common than they’d ever imagine. Especially in their views of humanity’s role on the planet.

“Sooner or later this planet’s going to shed us like dead skin. And it’ll be our fault,” John tells her.

This catches her off-guard. “I’m surprised you can see that from here.”

“You can see it from anywhere, Summer,” he growls in his iconic Yellowstone pickup.

Is Summer going to become the long-overdue romantic interest for John Dutton? We’ll find out as Yellowstone Season 4 rolls on via Paramount Network.