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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 7: The Connection You Missed in John Dutton Speech

by Leanne Stahulak
Courtesy of Paramount Network.

Several huge plot twists occurred during the latest episode of “Yellowstone,” but the biggest one might’ve been John’s decision to run for governor.

Fans know that John’s decision to run was purely to keep Jamie, his adopted son, from winning. John doesn’t trust Jamie’s motivations, in the governor’s seat or any other position of power. Jamie, at this point in time, still can’t quite decide where his loyalties lie: To his biological father or adopted family.

But after John’s move to run against him, the lines have clearly been drawn in the sand: Jamie and Garrett Randall vs. the Duttons.

In the spirit of this showdown, one eagle-eyed “Yellowstone” fan pointed out an incredible connection on Reddit between John’s governor speech and another moment in the show. If fans will remember, at one point Kayce and Tate spend some time tracking deer with their new dog. Kayce points out a specific track and says, “Means it was looking back over its left shoulder.”

When you see the Reddit post, the original poster shared a photo of John from his governor’s speech looking back over his left shoulder at Jamie. And then they shared the photo of Kayce looking at the track and saying that line. The parallelism between the two scenes is absolutely uncanny.

Even if it’s just a coincidence, the symbolism at that moment is just too good. The title of the “Yellowstone” episode is, “Keep the Wolves Close,” perfectly summing up how John is approaching the situation with Jamie. Other fans agreed, chiming in on the Reddit user’s post about the stellar connection

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Can’t Get Over This Connection in Episode 7

After the original poster shared the theory on Reddit, one “Yellowstone” fan chimed in and said, “Great catch. This connection never even occurred to me, I’m impressed. The recognition of a predator on his trail. Well done.”

Another person called Kayce the “narrator” of the episode. This is a valid point, considering how many wise words he shared (“God wouldn’t let you love something that can’t love you back”).

One “Yellowstone” fan pointed out how the connection between the two scenes also ties into a line in next week’s episode. “In the preview for next week wasn’t there a line of John saying we don’t kill sheep we kill wolves?”

That’s definitely a line fans have heard before, likely in the trailer for the whole season. Does that mean John isn’t a deer, but is man, out hunting wolves? This would be an interesting interpretation, because then Jamie would be the only animal in the situation, with John and Beth representing humanity.

If we want to find out for sure what John means about hunting wolves, then we better tune in next Sunday on the Paramount Network for the next episode of “Yellowstone.”