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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 7: Every Song from the Episode

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The fourth season of Yellowstone has officially passed its halfway point. Things are really heating up with the Duttons. At the same time, the music from this season just keeps getting better. So far, we’ve heard music from Colter Wall, Zach Bryan, Shane Smith & the Saints, and many more. This week, fans of the show heard new music from a familiar artist. Additionally, the series introduced the world to a young country singer-songwriter named Jackson Dean.

Songs from Yellowstone Season 4 Episode 7 ‘Keep the Wolves Close’

We’re always impressed with the music that the Yellowstone crew manages to pack into every episode. Usually, they skip country radio altogether and bring us some great independent artists. However, last night we saw that even when they use a mainstream artist, they know how to pick killer tunes.

“The Cowboy In Me (Yellowstone Edition)” – Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw originally included “The Cowboy In Me” on his 2001 album Set This Circus Down. Last night, we heard an acoustic version of the song that he recorded specifically for Yellowstone. The song played as the episode opened.

In an Instagram post, Tim McGraw said he, Faith Hill, and the rest of their family are huge fans of Yellowstone. So, when Taylor Sheridan asked him to cut an acoustic version of “Cowboy In Me” for the series, he was more than happy to do so.

“Don’t Come Lookin’” – Jackson Dean

Jackson Dean is a young singer-songwriter whose career is off to a banging start. He released his self-titled debut EP back in April. His debut full-length will drop in May. Right now, his song “Don’t Come Lookin’” is making its way into playlists of Yellowstone fans everywhere.

Dean spoke to Outsider about his love for Yellowstone and his reaction to learning that his song would be on the show. When Alex Sera from WME called him and told him the news, his initial reaction was understandable. “Are you f***ing kidding me?” During the interview, he elaborated a bit. “It was good. It was real good. That’s one off the bucket list.”

The 21-year-old Maryland native also told Outsider that he’s a huge fan of the show. “I’m a big Costner fan, and I’m a big Ryan Bingham fan. I mean, anything with Costner in it is gold. I grew up on Dances With Wolves and The Postman, all the great films of his, so I love Yellowstone.

“Only Memories” – Bill Morgan

Yellowstone’s music department adds plenty of variation. They introduced their fans to a brand new up-and-coming singer. Then, they showed Bill Morgan, a singer active between the late fifties and the early seventies some love. His song “Only Memories” is pure classic country gold.

“The Poet” – Ryan Bingham

Episodes like “Keep the Wolves Close” are a treat for Yellowstone fans who are also Ryan Bingham fans. It’s always nice to hear Walker singing a song or two and “The Poet” is no exception.