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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 7: John Dutton Finally Learns Truth About Ranch Hands

by Leanne Stahulak

Last night on “Yellowstone,” fans’ favorite ranch hand made a case for herself that revealed a huge secret to John Dutton.

Before we dive into that secret: Justice for Teeter has been served! Fans couldn’t believe it last week when John Dutton ordered all women out of the bunkhouse, including her. And when Rip tried to make a case for Teeter, John shut it down.

But Teeter stuck up for herself this episode, confronting John and Rip about keeping her job. Rip confirmed that she works harder than everyone else in the bunkhouse and that the Lloyd/Walker fight wasn’t about her. John quickly trapped her, though, when asking if she’d ever taken up with anyone in the bunkhouse.

The Yellowstone ranch hand said no one ever said she couldn’t, and John said Teeter should’ve known she shouldn’t. Because the next fight could easily be about her. But Teeter hit back with a strong argument that John didn’t see coming.

“So all that, ‘This is my home forever’ is just talk?” Teeter asked angrily, pulling aside her shirt to show him the brand. “F****** scarred for life and it don’t mean nothing?”

John is clearly taken aback, and he asks Rip when it happened. Rip reminds John (and “Yellowstone” fans) that all the Yellowstone ranch hands received the brand the night before the Duttons were attacked (during the Season 3 finale). So, not exactly a great time to mention it to John.

But for the Dutton patriarch, only one detail matters. “Does Kayce know?” he asks Rip. Rip tries to stick up for Kayce and say that he himself should’ve come to John with the information. But John doesn’t care, just shakes his head and says “Jesus,” before riding away.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh in on John’s Reaction to Ranch Hands Receiving Brand

Later, after the episode aired, “Yellowstone” fans took to Reddit to talk about John’s reaction to this major fact. It’s hard to tell if he’s more pissed that the branding happened or that no one bothered to tell him about it.

“Did anybody else chuckle when John finally caught on that the whole bunkhouse is branded?” one fan wrote on the “Yellowstone” subreddit. John’s seen quite a few surprises over the years, but this is one with real repercussions that he truly didn’t see coming. The fan from above also commented that the fact that John is just learning about this now indicates how the dynamic on the ranch has changed.

“I think we are seeing a break from how it is and how it will be,” the fan continued. “Rip told Teeter the brand means something. Kayce wears the brand. I think Rip is ultimately going to be loyal to those individuals. Not John. Not Beth. He loves Beth but his ‘family’ is in the bunkhouse. His disgust over last week (Lloyd in the round pen) was the foreshadowing.”

Interesting thoughts that are not totally out of the realm of possibility. Do you agree or disagree? Tell us your thoughts, Outsiders.