‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 9 ‘No Such Thing as Fair’ Full Recap

by Joe Rutland

From John crossing paths with Garrett to Carter taking his first horse ride, Sunday’s Yellowstone episode ramped up the drama.


At the start, Rip, played by Cole Hauser, comes over to their bed and sees Beth, played by Kelly Reilly. She looks like she doesn’t want anything to do with him. “I can’t stop your father from doing anything,” he tells her. She replies, “I know nothing’s going to happen to you.”

Then we find Carter, played by Finn Little, getting a horse ready for John, played by Kevin Costner. After John walks in with his rifle, he asks Carter, “You know how to ride?” No.

So, John tells him to saddle up another horse. “Today you learn how to ride,” he says. “Hurry up.”

“You guys do this all day?” he asks John. “It gets easier,” John says, then the Yellowstone patriarch adds a punchline: “You know what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna ride the foul right out of your mouth. Just shut up and ride.”

The Moment We’ve Been Waiting for: John Dutton vs. Garrett Randall

As fans are well aware, the mystery behind Jamie Dutton’s true parentage featured prominently in the first three seasons. And once we learned of Jamie’s biological father in Season 3, it only deepened the divide between John and Jamie.

In a shocking twist of events, John runs into Garrett Randall at a diner. And, much to our surprise, we learn that John and Garrett actually have a deep history.

They clearly are well-acquainted with one another, and Garrett even blames John for landing him in jail. Needless to say, but there will undoubtedly be some serious fireworks happening between the two in the very near future.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4, Episode 9 Pits Beth Against John

All season long we’ve seen one consistent storyline: Beth trying to do all she can to protect her father. However, her means of doing so only served to destroy that very relationship.

Towards the beginning of the episode, we see the turmoil between the two begin to truly begin brewing. Beth is getting some coffee ready when John walks into the kitchen at h some and asks for a cup. He gets one thrown at him courtesy of Beth.

This brief spat only sets up what we eventually see at the end of the episode, which is John telling Beth to leave the ranch. Clearly heartbroken, Beth dips away to the bunkhouse. Walker consoles her with a song, which could end up being a massive mistake considering how Rip was looking at him.