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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Episode Titles Bring Dutton Assassinations to the Forefront

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

We are now just days away from the fourth season premiere of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone.”

As if fans weren’t already over-the-top excited for the quickly approaching new season, “Yellowstone” dropped an excitement bomb today (Wednesday. We now know all of the episode titles for the fourth season and fans are scrambling to figure out what they mean. It is completely possible to read too much into episode titles but it certainly feels like we have gotten a big “Yellowstone” season four clue.

Fans of the show are already in analysis mode in an attempt to ascertain hard to come by information. Season four plotlines have been kept under lock and key, or so it seems. Do these season four episode titles reveal anything about what we can expect on the Dutton Ranch? Let’s start at the beginning with the first episode, which is titled “Half the Money.”

Now, this title could refer to any number of potential season four storylines. We simply do not know what lies ahead for our favorite character as a new season arrives. But, from the vantage point, it seems a pretty solid bet that the first episode title refers to the aftermath of the third season finale.

Every “Yellowstone” fan has had the third season finale stuck in their heads since the final seconds ticked off. The Dutton family comes under siege from an unknown entity. We are left to wonder if three members of the Dutton family are dead or alive as the scene fades to black. It also seems a good bet that someone was paid off to attack the Dutton. The guess here is that is what the first episode title is referring to — “Half the Money” literally means half of the money is owed to the hitmen.

‘Yellowstone’ Releases Season Four Episode Titles

There are several more interesting episode titles in season four that are quite interesting. Yes, it is possible to read too much into episode titles but we try not to get trapped in the “Yellowstone” web. Could some of these titles also refer to the Dutton assassination attempt?

The second episode of season four is “Phantom Pain” and it could certainly refer to a number of things. Could it refer to an injury suffered by a member of the Dutton family? Might Beth lose a limb after a bomb explodes inside her office? It is certainly possible and you can’t rule out much when it comes to “Yellowstone.”

The fifth episode of season four is “Under a Blanket of Red” and would seem to imply more bloodshed. The 7th episode is called “Keep the Wolves Close” and would seem to imply an ongoing rivalry moving forward.

While these fourth-season episode titles may end up meaning nothing — it is fun to speculate.

We will find out for sure when “Yellowstone” returns on November 7.