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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Finale: Which Characters Are ‘Safe’?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

It doesn’t seem possible but fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are staring down the final episode of season four. There will be time to reflect on the fourth season of “Yellowstone” when the smoke clears. But, for now, the minds of “Yellowstone” fans are focused on the finale that lies ahead.

The intrigue for the final episode comes from the many paths that the show could take to end season four. No one saw the Beth and John Dutton fight that we got in the most recent episode. The possibilities for the season finale are endless as numerous characters find themselves in tough spots. “Yellowstone” fans are anxious to see just what Taylor Sheridan has cooked for us to end this season. In a recent Reddit thread, fans of the show discuss the fates of their favorite characters.

“What do you think will happen during the finale of Yellowstone Season 4?” the thread starter asks. Fans were quick to jump in with their own answers and predictions.

“There is no show without Kevin Costner,” a Reddit user proclaims. “So John is safe. The entire show is about redemption. For Jamie, It comes down to whether they want to save Jamie or destroy him. Jamie can only be saved as a Dutton if he kills bio dad. That that will happen at some point. It has to be Jamie. Otherwise, there is no redemption for Jamie.”

This is solid reasoning and we wouldn’t be surprised if something along these lines figures in. Another Reddit prediction involves Kayce Dutton.

“Kayce’s vision shows him the future of Montana if the development companies are allowed to proceed,” the Redditor says. “He agrees to run for governor in place of John.”

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four Finale Arrives This Sunday

The fourth season of “Yellowstone” has been a roller coaster ride since the beginning and has given us scenes that will stick with us. No one will forget the opening sequence and the gunfight that ensues once the Dutton family attackers are identified.

It is a season that has been highly entertaining and “Yellowstone” fans are sad that the end is now upon us. But, there is also a strong sense of excitement regarding the finale and the direction the show takes.

If we have learned anything from four “Yellowstone” seasons it is that no character is safe. The show has shown no qualms about killing off primary characters and many fans believe there will be a major death in the finale.

This may or may not come to pass, but, as we all know, the first rule of being a “Yellowstone” fan is expecting the unexpected. So hang on tight “Yellowstone” fans — the season four finish line is just a few days away.