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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Forrie J. Smith Talks Lloyd’s ‘Truce’ After Ongoing Feud

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

The latest “Yellowstone” episode saw senior ranch hand Lloyd extend an olive branch to fellow ranch hand Walker.

The two “Yellowstone” ranch hands have been beefing since the last half of season three over a girl, Laramie. Who would have ever thought that two grown men would fight over a female? Has that ever happened before?

All joking aside, the feud between Lloyd and Walker grew more intense with each passing episode. It came to a head in a previous episode when Lloyd stabbed Walker in the chest with a knife. Both men were sentenced to the “Yellowstone” arena by Rip Wheeler to “settle” their difference. They really slugged it out in the arena with each man landing crushing blows on the other. After it was over, Lloyd helped Walker to his feet and it appeared the grounds for a truce were in action. Lloyd sealed the deal with a cowboy apology, purchasing Walker a new guitar after smashing his other one to bits.

It was a touching moment that may have put tears into the eyes of some “Yellowstone” fans. In a recent behind-the-scenes video, Lloyd actor Forrie J. Smith talks about his character’s move to make amends.

“I played it as ‘ok, I understand’ I’m going to take a part of me and hawk it at the pawnshop to show that I am all about the ranch,” Smith says.

Lloyd gives up his prized belt buckle in order to purchase the acoustic guitar, which was obviously not easy for him to do. He returns to the bunkhouse where the crew is a little on edge when he walks into the room. Viewers are led to believe that Lloyd has either a guitar or a gun. It’s a guitar and Walker seems pleased with the gift.

‘Yellowstone’ Actors Talk About How a ‘Cowboy Apology’ Goes

Is everything just fine now between Lloyd and Walker? Probably not — but it’s trending in that direction.

Ryan Bingham, who pays Walker on “Yellowstone,” says his character appreciates Lloyd’s gesture.

“I think Lloyd has a lot of compassion and stuff for people on the show,” Bingham says. “I know Walker definitely acknowledges it and appreciates it in a different way. Maybe he’ll stop trying to kill Walker and they’ll go start killing other people together.”

That would be just fine with Lloyd, according to Smith, as the two have a common alliance they are bound to.

“It meant truce,” the actor says. “We are branded men. We have one cause and that is the Yellowstone Ranch.”

With the bunkhouse now over the division caused by Lloyd and Walker’s feud, it will be interesting to see what happens next for the crew of cowboys.

Our next “Yellowstone” dose will arrive this Sunday evening.