‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Garrett Randall Exposes Major Jamie Secret in Tonight’s New Episode

by Leanne Stahulak

“Yellowstone” fans had better gear up for an explosive episode tonight, featuring betrayal, confrontation, and tensions boiling over.

Earlier today, the official “Yellowstone” Instagram account posted a preview of tonight’s episode. WARNING! We’re going to be breaking down a part of this preview, so prepare for minor spoilers for Season 4 Episode 6 below.

The preview kicks off with Jamie staring pensively at his and his father’s new ranch house. A voiceover of Jamie’s dad, Garrett Randall, says, “If you wanna shoot, shoot. It would be murder, but it wouldn’t be the first one you covered up.” The scene cuts to Jamie pointing a gun at his biological father, hands shaking.

This is a moment we’ve been building u towards all week. At the end of the last “Yellowstone” episode, we assume that Jamie found out that his dad ordered the hit on the Duttons. But when he went to confront Garrett, Jamie’s ex Christina and new baby were there. Now, they’re leverage that Garrett can use against Jamie.

But those two aren’t the only leverage available. Based on this preview, it sounds like Garett wants to blackmail Jamie with the murder he covered up way back in Season 2.

If “Yellowstone” fans will remember, Jamie strangled a journalist who interviewed him about John Dutton. Jamie wanted to take it back, the journalist wouldn’t let him, and he killed her. Rip and Walker actually helped Jamie cover it up and make it look like a kayaking accident.

We don’t know how Garrett found out about the murder. But the main thing is, he knows, and he’s willing to talk about it. Will Jamie give in to his father’s demands? Or will he use that big brain and legal training of his to weasel a way out of it?

Jamie’s Divided Loyalties This Season on ‘Yellowstone’

It seems like no matter what, Jamie can never win. He’s always got bad news just lurking around the corner, and this new development is no different.

Mainly, it seems like Jamie struggles to figure out who he is. And without a clear picture of his identity, he struggles to know who to turn to and rely on. For his whole life, he relied on the Duttons, and they used his legal training to get out of sticky situations.

For a while, in later “Yellowstone” seasons, he wanted to just rely on himself. Jamie outright said he would put his own interests before the Duttons. And earlier this season, Jamie also relied on his biological dad, who gave him a new sense of purpose in life.

But now, Garrett’s turned out to be a traitor, going behind Jamie’s back to try and kill his adopted family. Will Jamie side with the Duttons or Garrett? Or will he throw both of them away to start a new life with his baby and Christina? A million paths seem to lie ahead for Jamie Dutton, and hopefully, by the end of this season, we see which one he steps onto.