‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Has Fans Dropping Major Beth Dutton Hot Takes

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Among the most polarizing characters on the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” is the queen of the ranch, Beth Dutton.

Most “Yellowstone” fans either love or hate Beth Dutton with little to no middle ground in their thoughts. On one hand, Beth is super intelligent, loyal to her father and appears unafraid of anything. On the other hand, she is abrasive, rude and has a penchant for the overdramatic.

Despite your own feelings toward Beth, all “Yellowstone” fans recognize that she is a force that must be reckoned with. This season, the show’s fourth overall, has Beth attempting to infiltrate the enemy. That enemy is Market Equities, the company that wishes to the property that Yellowstone Ranch sits on. They want to turn the land into a bustling airport and elaborate tourism destination. To that, Beth says “over my dead body.

Opinions on Beth Dutton within the “Yellowstone” fan base are a mixed bag. One thing is for sure and that is she always makes for great discussion among viewers. In a recent Reddit thread, “Yellowstone” fans sound off on their Beth Dutton thoughts.

“I am all caught up and I have to say that, even more than before I think Beth is just a b****,” a Redditor user says. “I know I’ve posted about this before, but that was after only a handful of episodes. Now I know the “whole” story, but my opinion hasn’t changed. She’s a huge, mega b**** to Jamie, which I feel isn’t completely warranted. She’s a b**** to her dad, the kid, her employees and everyone. It’s her defining quality. And I think it takes away from the show. She could accomplish being a corporate raider and successful businesswoman without treating literally everyone the way she does.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Share Their Thoughts on Beth Dutton

Some “Yellowstone” fans have the opposite view of Beth Dutton, believing her to be a strong woman and character.

“She’s smart, skilled, and she has money,” another Redditor says. “And she has the ability of extreme loyalty. To her dad, Rip, and even her old company. She’ll always find a way to influence. If you look at everything she’s been through, you might not have a lot of tolerance for people either.”

Other “Yellowstone” viewers appear to not have their minds made up regarding Beth Dutton.

“This is how she was looking at/watching Jamie while Jaime was expecting to receive his endorsement for governor,” another Reddit user says. “She not only looks borderline unhinged but somewhat dangerous, like an apex predator getting ready to attack.”

Regardless of where you fall on the Beth Dutton spectrum, pretty much every “Yellowstone” fan agrees that she makes the show much more interesting.

Will Beth be able to stop Market Equities from taking over the ranch? We hope to find out with just three more episodes remaining.