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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Here’s How Much Kevin Costner Reportedly Made Per Episode

by Matthew Memrick
(Photo by Richard Bord/Getty Images for Cannes Lions)

Each Season 4 episode of “Yellowstone” has put a massive fortune in star Kevin Costner’s wallet.

According to Screen Rant, the star is earning $1.2 million per episode this season. With this past season wrapping up two days into the new year, Costner likely earned $12 million. If you remember the NBC series “Friends,” each cast member made a fortune off each episode. Now, Costner’s in that same league.

Costner’s Gotten Used To Show’s Fanfare

This pile of cash makes me think of two things. First, Costner has made no bones about taking off after the first “Yellowstone” season in 2018. The actor wasn’t a fan of TV series work, but he stayed through the so-called limited miniseries event, and there was a pretty good payoff.

The actor told Gold Derby that “Yellowstone wasn’t supposed to be a series when I was first approached with it. It was going to be ten episodes, and it was going to finish there. It was going to have its story arc, and that’s how it was presented to me.”

Second, getting the right agent is essential. Costner signed on for $500,000 per episode when he thought it would be a miniseries. Yeah, that’s typical for A-list stars in limited TV series. 

But as the seasons progressed, Costner reworked his contract for each additional season to get to the vast $1.2 million he made this season. With talk building over a fifth season, we can only imagine what the 66-year-old actor will get that time around.

Times Costner Thought About Leaving Hit ‘Yellowstone’ Show

You know about Season 1. Did you know about Costner’s thoughts about leaving again?

After Season 3, Costner was coy about returning to the “Yellowstone” show. He had few details for a Good Day New York interview.

“I can’t say,” he said. “There’s an ending that you’re gonna see, hopefully, it’s a powerful one for you.” Costner expressed enjoyment for being part of the project while encouraging fans to “just try to enjoy it right up to the end if you can.”

Before Season 4, Costner reportedly wasn’t keen on the show set move from Utah to Montana. A quick flight had turned into “an all-day job” for the star, and he wanted more family time. Star magazine said he was leaving the show because the set was “hundreds of miles further from his Colorado home.” 

But it looks like the notion within Costner changed. Each season has paid off in dividends.

Last week’s Season 4 finale was the highest-rated cable episode since 2017. And the show’s popularity will only make a possible Season 5 more amazing. Plus, there’s two spin-offs, and fans are loving the podcasts. At this point, Costner’s probably going to ride this project for as long as possible.