‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: The Hidden Meaning Behind Lloyd’s Gift to Walker

by Thad Mitchell

In one of the top storylines of the fourth season, “Yellowstone” ranch hands Lloyd and Walker are feuding over the love of a buckle bunny.

WARNING: “Yellowstone” Season 4 Spoilers Below!

Their feud reached a boiling point in an earlier episode when Lloyd smashed Walker’s guitar and stabbed him in the chest. The two “Yellowstone” workers were sentenced to the ranch’s arena where they are to fight out their differences. It seems to have worked as Lloyd is remorseful for his action. He trades in his prized belt buckle to buy a new guitar for Walker. For the time, at least, the two men have come to an understanding and established a truce. We will see if this uneasy truce holds up for the remainder of the fourth “Yellowstone” season.

Now, some “Yellowstone” fans are speculating that the guitar gift could have a deeper meaning than simply ending a feud. This theory is fueled by the latest edition of “Stories from the Bunkhouse.”

“We all have our own ways of apologizing and admitting that we were wrong,” Denim Richards (Colby) says. “Lloyd realizes he might lose Yellowstone.”

Richards’ co-stars Jefferson White (Jimmy) and Ian Bohen (Ryan) agree with his statement. The actors believe the guitar was as much an apology to the “Yellowstone” powers as just to Walker. In other words, Lloyd is asking for forgiveness from ranch owner John Dutton and manager Rip Wheeler.

“I’m not sure if there’s a more cowboy way of doing it than that,” White says. Lloyd traded in his belt buckle, so I’m reading that saying ‘no Lloyd, Lloyd, no what are you doing?’ With a gun or a guitar, he’ll return to that bunkhouse.”

‘Yellowstone’ Ranchers Agree to a ‘Truce’ Amid Escalating Feud

Much changed in the third season of “Yellowstone” when buckle bunnies Mia and Laramie took up residence in the bunkhouse. Several adult men with only a few women to choose from is a recipe for disaster. In what came as a shock to everyone, Laramie first took up with Lloyd, who is several decades her senior. When she grew tired of Lloyd, Laramie looked to Walker, much to Lloyd’s angst. Mia has caused little to no drama in the bunkhouse as she is smitten with Jimmy. In a recent episode, she leaves the bunkhouse after far too much drama for he liking. Laramie is a different story as she has pit Lloyd and Walker in a feud that has drug on since the last season.

That’s how we wound up with this feud in the first place. For now, however, it seems Lloyd and Walker will leave it be.

With the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse solidified once more, perhaps they can get back to business. Sure they have to make sure the cattle is in the right place, but could there be another situation in the future they have to deal with?

With “Yellowstone,” you can never count out the unexpected.