‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: How Long Has Jimmy Been at 6666 Ranch?

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo: Paramount+/Paramount Network)

In a segment from “Yellowstone”‘s Stories from the Bunkhouse, Denim Richards, Jefferson White, and Ian Bohen spoke about Jimmy’s journey to Four-Sixes ranch in Texas. While there, Jimmy met Emily the vet tech at the ranch. They shared a moment together in the most recent episode that the bunkhouse boys talk about in the video.

“That sequence on the blanket was such an immersive experience,” said Jefferson White, talking about the time Jimmy and Emily spend together on the front lawn of her house. He continued, “because we were actually just lying on a front lawn in West Texas, you know, just in the grass.”

White says, “I think in that moment, Jimmy tried to play it cool. Play a little hard to get, sort of pretend that Emily’s more into it than he is, but he has fallen head over heels.”

Ian Bohen asks “how long has it been since you arrived until that moment?” with Denim Richards joking, “Like an hour.”

But, no, Jimmy’s been in Texas for about two weeks at this point in the 9th episode of “Yellowstone”, maybe 10 days. He hasn’t been there long, but he’s already crazy for Emily. I think it’s the fact that Emily took the initiative and asked him out first that impresses him about her. She’s assertive in an empowering way for her.

At the end of the episode, Jimmy is called back to the Dutton ranch. Emily promises Jimmy that she’ll wait for him if he asks, and he does ask, immediately. White claimed that Jimmy feels like a completely new person around Emily.

“This whole new life is opening up in front of him,” White said, “and Emily is a part of that.”

‘Yellowstone’: Jefferson White Talks Jimmy’s ‘Respect’ at Four-Sixes

In a previous episode of Stories from the Bunkhouse, Jefferson White spoke about what it’s like for Jimmy to earn some actual respect from others. He said that the concept is “novel” for his character. White started by discussing Jimmy’s new relationship with Emily.

“In Jimmy’s past,” White started, “all these relationships started in the Bunkhouse, where there’s not a lot of privacy and there’s not a lot of opportunities to really talk.”

He then commented on Jimmy’s boss at Four-Sixes coming up to him at the restaurant. He said, “Also I think the most meaningful thing for Jimmy at that restaurant is the cow boss coming up to him. The cow boss of this other ranch, knowing his name, speaking to him with respect. That’s hugely novel for him. You know, out here, he has this opportunity to build back up from zero.”