‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: How to Watch on Amazon Prime and Paramount Network

by Jon D. B.

Whether tuning in for the premiere or any episodes after, here’s how to watch Yellowstone Season 4 in the main avenues available.

Paramount’s recent merger with CBS/Viacom has made a mess of things for fans. It’s been a year and a half since Season 3 ended on a raucous cliffhanger, and audiences simply want to watch Yellowstone Season 4. But it’s not available on Paramount’s streaming service, Paramount+ – and now we know it won’t be for a long time, either.

Fans who have NBC’s Peacock and have been watching Yellowstone seasons 1-3 on this streaming service will not have access to Season 4, either. So what gives?

Thankfully, we have concrete answers ahead of the Season 4 premiere Sunday night. There are three main ways to watch, and we’ll start with the streaming options as they’re the most confusing.

Paramount Network Offers ’24-Hour Pass’ for Free

If your main concern is watching Yellowstone Season 4’s premiere episode right as it hits (and avoid any spoilers, waiting another year and a half, etc), then this is the best best for those without cable access to Paramount Network, the company says.

All you have to do is go to Paramount Network’s website here and click the button to Start Your 24-Hour Pass.

But first: View all cable providers here to see if you can log in and watch for free throughout the season courtesy of your cable streaming subscription. There’s a lot of services on the list, so it’s best to double-check here to see if any of these will work before paying for a 24-hour pass.

This is important because Paramount Network does not make it clear if another 24-hour pass will be available after the first use.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 is Now Available to Purchase on Amazon Prime

Next up is Amazon Prime’s video service. All 3 previous seasons are available to purchase for those who have a Prime membership. Each season is $19.99 a pop, or you can purchase single episodes. Click here to purchase Yellowstone Season 4 on Amazon Prime.

Be warned, however, that purchasing Yellowstone Season 4 will not allow you to watch the episodes as they air Sunday nights. Instead, each episode will be available only after it has aired – most likely the following morning on Mondays.

If You Have Cable, Check for Paramount Network’s Inclusion

And finally, this is the most guaranteed way to have Yellowstone‘s Season 4 premiere playing as it airs. Big cable packages are old school for many of us now, but it remains how Paramount is operating their #1 cable drama.

Check your cable package to see if you have access to Paramount Network. If you do, then simply tune in Sunday nights at 7 PM Eastern as the episodes hit.

Unfortunately, outside of this it gets massively confusing. We recommend checking out Decider’s list of available cable/streaming loopholes (to get the episodes up and running as their air) from here.

That’s it, Yellowstone fans! As of Sunday, November 7, these are the only three ways to watch Season 4. So strap in and get ready – the fun begins tonight!