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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Major Character Dies in Sunday’s Finale

by Leanne Stahulak

We’re still in shock too, Outsiders, from that jaw-dropping “Yellowstone” season finale. But the biggest shock came when the show killed off one major character.

WARNING! Major spoilers ahead for the Season 4 Finale of “Yellowstone.”

Beth Dutton finally confronted Jamie about his father, Garrett Randall, setting up the attacks on the family. And she presented him with three options. In a moment of anguish, Jamie chose option 3…which was to kill his biological father.

Though we did not see this coming, many fans predicted who could potentially bite the dust for the season finale. We’ve seen a few surprising deaths on “Yellowstone” throughout Season 4, but no major or main characters until tonight’s finale.

Here’s Who Fans Thought Would Die on ‘Yellowstone’ Tonight

Earlier this week, “Yellowstone” fans took to Reddit to share their predictions on who could/should die in the season finale. Many fans agreed that a major death was necessary, either to make the show realistic or raise the stakes.

Granted, it was hard to believe that nobody bit the dust after that explosive season 3 finale. Any one of them — John, Beth, Kayce, even Jimmy — could’ve realistically been killed off in a way that heightened the stakes and emotional drama.

Now, fans got what they were looking for. But before we knew that Garrett Randall would die, here’s who fans believed wouldn’t make it to “Yellowstone” Season 5:

“I think it will be Monica. I feel like they were setting it up with Avery coming back and professing her love to Kayce,” one fan commented on the Reddit thread.

Fans have never really loved Monica, but they actually believed she would die after she announced her pregnancy. Call it cynical, but many fans think that Taylor Sheridan set up her story so that Kayce would lose her and the rest of his family in a way that made him grow as a character.

Speaking of Kayce, some wondered if he would get the ax too. The previews for tonight’s episode showed him fighting something, likely a wild animal of sorts. He easily could’ve been killed during the ceremony, as he tried to find his new purpose in life.

But what about the rest of the Duttons?

The Duttons’ Chances of Survival Going Into the Season Finale

John’s been in plenty of close situations over the last few “Yellowstone” seasons. But after he got shot, almost bled to death, and woke up from a coma, it’s hard to see the writers killing him off now. There’s too much story left to tell with him at the center of it.

The same, unfortunately, can’t be said of the other Duttons. Jamie and Beth have been hyping up a physical confrontation for ages, and fans finally wondered if that would come to a head tonight. Especially when the preview showed Beth “taking care of something” herself, even after Rip offered to help.

Jamie’s life has always hung in the balance, and if he and Beth fought, we knew that only one would walk away still breathing. Now that we know his father ordered the attack on the Duttons, it seemed like his demise was only a short while away.