‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Jefferson White Talks Jimmy’s Awkward Shower Scene

by Leanne Stahulak

Few “Yellowstone” stars have been as naked on the show as Jefferson White, who recently opened up about a very awkward shower scene between him and Kathryn Kelly.

Kelly plays newcomer Emily, a vet tech on the Four-Sixes Ranch. She and Jimmy made plans to grab dinner together, but Jimmy chose to wash up for the date in a fairly public spot. Emily walked in on him mid-shower, and a sweet but very awkward conversation ensued.

But when looking back on the “Yellowstone” scene, only one thing really stuck out to White. “I worked out for like six months prior to that scene. And then I saw the scene and I was like… well,” he said with a laugh. His co-stars, Ian Bohen and Denim Richards, also cracked up during this “Stories From the Bunkhouse” episode. “What was I doing?”

Bohen then asked if White really believed that Jimmy didn’t know about a perfectly good shower existing in the bunkhouse right next door.

“No, I don’t think Jimmy was deliberately engineering a situation where he would be discovered nude,” the “Yellowstone” star replied. “I think that he was very much caught off guard. And she’s like really kind of cool about it, in a way, that sort of inspires more confidence later. But at that moment, I think all he’s thinking is ‘Get me out of here.'”

We can’t blame him. Few people, but especially an already awkward guy like Jimmy, would want to be caught with his pants down like that.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Jefferson White Breaks Down How He Performed Nude Scene

During that same “Stories From the Bunkhouse” episode, “Yellowstone” star Jefferson White explained to Ian Bohen and Denim Richards exactly how filming the naked scene worked out for him.

“I started out with soap kind of protecting my modesty,” White explained. “But then in each take, I’m spraying myself with water so that soap is [disappearing]. I did not have drawers on, bro.”

Bohen and Richards were surprised to hear that White was really all out in the nude while filming the “Yellowstone” scene. But apparently, the crew gave him a “little sock thing” to place over his private parts so he’d have some privacy from the crew. “I mean a big sock thing,” White quickly corrected himself.

The “Yellowstone” star also explained the different emotions running through his head at the time. “In the take, Jimmy is uncomfortable, and Jeff is fine because you’re acting,” White said. “In between takes, that’s pretty uncomfortable.”

He went on to reveal how the camera crew was set up right behind him, shooting up past his behind. “Because as always, my butt is a joke,” White said. “In the cut, it’s very tasteful. On the day of…” Maybe not quite as tasteful.

Make sure you catch the penultimate episode of “Yellowstone” Season 4 this Sunday on the Paramount Network.