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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Jen Landon Reveals All Teeter ‘Really Wants’ at Dutton Ranch

by Jon D. B.
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Yellowstone‘s own Teeter, Jen Landon, fights back tears to discuss her fan-favorite character and the amazing arc her character has in Season 4.

“The scene with Kevin and Cole was quite emotional,” begins a clearly emotional Jen Landon for Yellowstone‘s latest Behind the Story. “For Teeter to be fired was devastating.”

That it was. Yellowstone fans across the globe shouted out in tandem when Teeter was dragged into the barrel-racer-caused drama. And when Jen Landon gave an absolutely perfect performance as she fights to keep her job in Season 4, Episode 7 – it was the sigh of relief heard ’round the world.

“Taylor [Sheridan] shot that scene,” Landon reveals of the poignant exchange that begins with her “Can I have a word, sir?” The scene clearly meant a lot to Sheridan, too, who created Teeter’s character.

Jen Landon on Teeter: ‘All She Really Wants is to Belong to a Family’

“It was great working with him on something that is vulnerable and emotional,” Landon continues. “As wily and rebellious as she is, all she really wants is to belong to a family.”

In a “weird way,” the fan-favorite actor says, her Y Brand is far less of an “oppressive form of ownership” for Teeter than it is “liberating.” That Y means permanent family to Teeter. And to have that thrown away for something that truly had nothing to do with her was, as Landon says, devastating for both Teeter and audiences.

Thank the ranching gods that it was all rectified from Episode 6 into 7.

In “Keep the Wolves Close,” Jimmy meets Emily. And let’s just say it’s a very memorable first encounter. Yellowstone airs Sundays at 8/7c on Paramount Network.

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“So all that ‘This is my home forever’ is just talk? F*cking scarred for life and it don’t mean nothin’?” Teeter shouts as she brandishes her brand. It was one of the best scenes of the entire series for this Outsider, and one that finally gave Teeter another fine moment Jen Landon’s absolutely earned.

Rip Never Wanted Teeter to Leave the Yellowstone

For Rip Wheeler’s part, Cole Hauser adds that his character never wanted Teeter to leave.

“I don’t think Rip ever wanted Teeter to leave,” Hauser begins for Behind the Story. “When she comes back and, you know, makes her case for what she’s doing, how it’s done, and how she’s done it… I think he’s proud that he came and stood up for himself.

“She’s like anyone who’s branded,” he continues. “You take that oath, and you go through the suffering of being burnt on your chest like that then you deserve to be a part of this ranch until the day you die.”

Here’s to hoping this is absolutely true of Teeter for all us Yellowstone fans.