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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Kelly Reilly Speaks on What ‘Drives’ Beth Dutton

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Another episode of “Yellowstone” has come and gone as the fourth season of the hit show has just one remaining episode.

WARNING: “Yellowstone” Season 4 spoilers below!

“Yellowstone” fans were in for a huge shock as the latest episode threw us a curveball that no one saw coming. Upset with his daughter’s latest actions, John Dutton all but kicks Beth Dutton out of his home. John, played by Hollywood all-star Kevin Costner is fed up with Beth’s selfish actions.

He’s tolerated it as much as he can but Beth’s treatment of Summer Higgins pushes him over the edge. He’s had enough and is ready to show his own daughter the door. In a moment that surely drew the tears of “Yellowstone” fans, John tells Beth it is time for her to find another home. It is an extremely painful moment for Beth and also the television show’s audience but is one that needed to be done. John proclaims he will seek the governor position for himself without Beth’s guidance.

Upset, Beth turns to “Yellowstone” ranch hand Walker for comfort, claiming she can’t go to her fiancé, Rip Wheeler. Walker plays her a sad song in order to help Beth grieve the situation with her father. In the most recent edition of “Yellowstone: Behind the Story,” Beth Dutton actress Kelly Reilly talks about what drives Beth.

“As it is with anything with her — it is all or nothing with Beth,” Reilly says. “I know when I have to do scenes like that, it has got to be all of me. It is her pain that drives her.”

With just one episode left in this season, this “Yellowstone” storyline could go a number of different ways.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Feels ‘Connected’ to Beth Dutton

Beth Dutton is one of the most beloved “Yellowstone” characters among the show’s massive fan base. The most recent episode was hard for fans to watch as we see a different emotional side of Beth. Reilly says she feels a deep connection to her character and so it was also tough on her.

“I am so connected to her — she is so real to me,” the actress says. “I care so much about her. So, I could not shy away from that scene.”

“Yellowstone” fans are hoping that this week’s finale will give Beth a chance at redemption. It seems that could be a possibility but Beth has got to show a level of maturity to get back in her father’s good graces. She will have to realize that she can’t just steamroll over everything and everyone.

While “Yellowstone” fans are sad that season four is about to end, we are excited to see how it plays out.