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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Kevin Costner Reveals How Summer’s ‘Life Is Altered Forever’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Paramount Press Center)

Well, Yellowstone used some time to let Kevin Costner’s John Dutton simply say that his friend Summer Higgins’ life is going down the drain.

Outsiders, you know that John has a bit of personal reason to be concerned with Summer, played by Piper Perabo.

Let’s see what Costner and Perabo say about this scene in last Sunday’s episode titled No Such Thing as Fair. This comes from the online wrap-up show, Behind the Story.

“Even though Summer and John are on opposite sides of the issues, they both agree that an airport should not be built next to Yellowstone National Park,” Perabo says.

‘Yellowstone’ Star Costner Says Whole Situation With Summer ‘Turned Much More Dramatic’

Costner says, “That thought in a way that she was just going to use her a little bit but it’s turned much more dramatic as she is in fact, you know, facing having her life altered forever.”

In the scene from Yellowstone, Summer says to John that she should have never let “your daughter” Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, talk her into doing what she did.

“This was Beth’s idea,” John says. “It wasn’t my idea to slap the first cop I saw,” Summer says. “It was hers?” John then says, followed by Summer nodding her head up and down.

“He feels an obligation to fix that,” Costner says. “Beth does not and I think rightly so. We have a conversation about that.”

Indeed they do but that is for another conversation on Outsider. Check out our Yellowstone coverage. Meanwhile, make an appointment on your calendar for the Season 4 season finale on Sunday, Jan. 2, at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m Central. There are a lot of storylines waiting to either end or be continued into Season 5.

OK, so let’s take a look and see Costner, Perabo, and others share their Yellowstone insights on the episode.

Yellowstone already has been a popular show on one streaming platform.

Which one, you say? Roku. As someone who uses the platform, this sounds about right for sure.

Yellowstone got ranked as the most-watched television series by Roku users. It is truly successful and remains a testament to Taylor Sheridan’s impressive vision for Western dramas.

Then, we have the Dutton family’s complex dynamic and modern tale of cowboys living on the edge has spurred the spinoff 1883.

Want more good news? 1883 received record viewership for its premiere, which was the highest in six years for a streamed TV series.

Sheridan definitely knew that getting an actor like Kevin Costner involved would add even more credence to his show and franchise.