‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is Months Away, But What Else Can We Expect Before Premiere Date?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

Look alive “Yellowstone” fans — you have less than two months before your favorite show returns and it’s time to get pumped.

“Yellowstone” producers have done an excellent job whetting the appetite of its enormous fan base. A series of teaser trailers put out by the show reveal that revenge will be a major theme of the fourth season. Members of the “Yellowstone” cast have been active on social media, hyping up the rapidly approaching new season. Some have even shared a few behind-the-scenes photos with their fans and social media followers.

Nothing revved up the excitement level like the official trailer for season four. The trailer is full of scenes from the upcoming brand new season and clues about what might take place. If you are like us here at Outsider, you have watched the trailer more than a few times, attempting to pick up on clues. Just for the heck of it, let’s watch it one more time…or maybe five more times.

Let just under two months before season four premieres, there is plenty of time for even more “Yellowstone” promotional items. What else can we look forward to before our favorite modern western drama graces us with its presence? There are certainly a number of possibilities and fans can’t wait to see what “Yellowstone” has cooked up next.

“Yellowstone” fans would certainly be thrilled to get another teaser trailer or two. Judging by the popularity of the recently released trailers, the Paramount Network would be wise to oblige the show’s fans. Though they may not provide a lot of insight into what’s in store for season four, teaser trailers are fun. They also help to identify themes that will oversee the storyline of the fourth season. For instance, one can easily gather that revenge will be a primary theme through the teaser trailers.

While they have largely shied away from it so far, it would surprise no one to see “Yellowstone” cast members on the media circuit leading up to the new season. Expect to see some of the show’s stars appear on various talk shows leading up to the November 7 premiere.

We have yet to see any season four promotional photos but that could very well be on the way. These photos aren’t likely to reveal much in the way of season four’s plot, but we could get our first glimpses of new characters. It is important to note that the new season is shrouded in mystery for a reason and there are a handful of characters that we are to believe could be dead or alive.

Who knows what else “Yellowstone” might be able to come up with to promote their fourth season. One thing is for sure and that is fans cannot wait until our favorite show returns.