‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Is Now Streaming: Here’s How to Watch

by Megan Molseed

Yellowstone fans can rejoice! The fourth season of the hit Paramount+ modern western series is now ready to stream. Just in time to hold us over until the hit Kevin Costner-led cowboy drama returns to the airwaves for season five.

The fourth season of Yellowstone officially hit the NBC streaming service, Peacock early this week. Of course, and fan of the award-winning series knows that this is the go-to streaming service for anyone who wants to catch Yellowstone seasons one through three.

For those new to the streaming service, it’s easy to get connected. The Peacock streaming service is available to viewers at just $4.99 a month for the basic package; and $10.99 a month for the commercial-free option.

An Earlier Deal Puts The ‘Yellowstone’ Streaming Availability On the NBCUniversal Streaming Service

Even though Yellowstone is produced – and originally airs – on Paramount+, a deal NBCUniversal has led to the series being streamed on Peacock, and not the Paramount+ streaming options. However, fans can still stream the Yellowstone spin-off series, 1883 on the Paramount+ streaming service.

As of now, little information is known about the fifth season of the hit Paramount+ western series. The show’s creator Taylor Sheridan has said production will begin later this spring and continue into the summer months. While there is still no word on when it will hit the airwaves, we do know the fifth season of Yellowstone is slated to air in two installments.

Fans Rank Their Favorite ‘Yellowstone’ Seasons

So, we all know there is a lot to unpack on any given episode of Yellowstone – let alone an entire season. Since the series premiered in 2018, fans have been taken for quite the ride during the show’s first four seasons on the air. Some storylines are heartbreaking; some are terrifying; while others Yellowstone moments can even leave you giggling for a moment. But, where do each of the seasons rank? Which one is a fan favorite and which Yellowstone season didn’t quite make the cut?

Well, according to a recent Reddit post, it seems that it’s hard to pick the best one. The fan-favorite seasons seem to be all over the place.

“I love season 4,” one Yellowstone fan writes.

“Just cause of Beth and Rip,” the Redditor adds, adding that ranking the seasons is a difficult task. This, the commenter says is because “all seasons have good and bad points.”

However, another Redditor was happy to rank the seasons from favorite to least favorite. And, it seems this fan puts the show’s premiere season at the bottom.

“2-4-3-1,” the Redditor says in ranking Yellowstone’s four seasons.

“I put one last because there is so many dumb s–t happening,” the fan adds.

“I’d put Seasons 1, 2, and 4 on equal footing as excellent,” another Yellowstone fan says.

“Season 3 was a slight dip,” the Redditor adds. “I didn’t enjoy Season 4 as it was airing, but on rewatches, and seeing 1883 I understand why they did what they did. I love this show.”