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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Star Piper Perabo Says Fans Will Learn a Lot About Summer Higgins

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Hispanics in Philanthropy)

Did you catch Yellowstone on Sunday night? If you missed out, then you missed the debut of Piper Perabo, who is playing Summer Higgins.

Perabo is first seen on the Taylor Sheridan-created drama as a protester against ranches and animals. Also, she has her first run-in with John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. It was Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes, who broke up the protest.

What can we expect from Perabo and her character this season? Perabo talks about it in an interview with TV Insider.

“Yeah, you actually find out a lot about who she is,” she said of Summer Higgins. “She doesn’t come from a place like Montana and she has a lot to learn about how the rules are there, and I think it kind of opens her eyes to a world she knew nothing about.”

Oh, Outsiders, John actually bails Higgins out of jail. He takes her to see the Dutton ranch, too.

What is going to happen between Higgins and the Duttons?

We don’t know but Yellowstone will have a new Season 4 episode on Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern, 7 p.m. Central, on the Paramount Network.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Are Wondering If Beth Dutton Predicted Her Death

So, we all will have to just “stay tuned” and see where Perabo’s character goes next.

Then, we have the ongoing Yellowstone drama with Beth Dutton, John’s daughter, played by Kelly Reilly.

What in the world is she doing? To the immediate point, Outsiders, well, Beth feels invulnerable.

She starts talking about life-and-death issues in her own way. Sunday’s episode titled Under a Blanket of Red has John alone at the ranch. He walks into the living area and sees Beth.

Both start sharing a stiff drink and talk about solace. Well, Beth starts talking and lets John know that “Only the good die young, daddy.”

She decides to add a little more punch to her statement. “If a meteor strikes this planet tomorrow night, it’s me and the cockroaches running this motherf*cker,” Beth tells John through a smile. His smiling reply? “Well then, tomorrow’s my lucky day.”

Jamie Dutton Actor Wes Bentley Offers Insight Into Reilly’s Performance as Beth

Humor is all well and good on the show. Yet drama is always flying around John, Beth, Kayce, and lest we forget Beth’s not-so-favorite brother Jamie Dutton, played by Wes Bentley?

Speaking of which, just how different is Reilly from her on-screen character? Bentley has this to say.

“She is one of the sweetest people and sweetest actors,” he said In a recent interview with CinemaBlend. “She has to go so far to get to Beth, she does an amazing job. It’s great to watch her.”