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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Star Piper Perabo Says Jacki Weaver Is One of Her ‘Favorite Actresses’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Following her debut as activist and protestor Summer Higgins on Yellowstone, Piper Perabo opens up about her role on the hit series and thoughts about her co-stars. 

During her interview with TV Insider, the Yellowstone castmate declared that her co-star, Jacki Weaver, is actually one of her favorite actresses. “I have to say when I found that Jacki Weaver was going to be in this season of Yellowstone, I was so excited,” Perabo declared. “I’d never met her in real life. I’d never seen her in real life until Yellowstone. But I have seen all of her work.”

Perabo also admitted that she had to really try to be cool and not be a “fangirl” the first time she met her on the Yellowstone set. “She walked in, in her leather jacket and I thought to myself, ‘Oh my God, it’s Jacki Weaver.’ But she was so cool.”

Although she thinks Weaver is terrifying on-screen, the Yellowstone actress stated her castmate is also so powerful. “I think she’s the perfect person to be the sort of villain that goes up against the Duttons. Because even someone like Beth Dutton would be nervous to tangle with Jacki Weaver.”

Piper Perabo Talks About the Dynamics Between Her Yellowstone Character & Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton

While continuing her chat with TV Insider Piper Perabo spoke about the dynamics between her Yellowstone character Summer and Kelly Reilly’s Beth Dutton. “Summer and Beth’s dynamic is one of the funnest relationships I have this season,” Perabo declared. She also stated that the characters absolutely hate each other.

“And it just goes from bad to worse,” Perabo continued. “Summer and Beth have enemies in common. And so there’s a chance for them to be on the same team while they have a common goal.”

Perabo also reveals that her Yellowstone character gets into the center of the Duttons and all their conflicts. She then spoke about the biggest challenge that Summer will be facing during the season. “Summer is used to being one of the big fish when she goes into conflict. And she’s never gone up against a force like the Duttons. They sort of work on so many levels.”

Perabo pointed out that The Duttons are in the local and state governments as well as being on the wrong and right side of the law. “They’re so pervasive and [Summer’s] never gone up against such a well-oiled machine as the Dutton family.”

In regards to her husband, Stephen Kay, directing her on this season of Yellowstone, Perabo revealed she and Kay haven’t worked together in a long time. It was also fun for her to work with him again. “The last time we worked together was on Covert Affairs, which is the opposite of Yellowstone. It was so fun to work together.”