‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Predictions: Which Characters Are Joining Forces?

by Leanne Stahulak

As “Yellowstone” Season 4 nears its final few episodes, fans are throwing out predictions on potential alliances between characters.

We’ve seen unlikely pairings ally together before on the show. Just look at Dan Jenkins, John Dutton, and Thomas Rainwater battling the Beck Brothers together in Season 2. But the Season 4 alliances would be a bit more subtle and play more on the fractured family dynamic from this season.

One Reddit user in the “Yellowstone” subreddit asked fans which potential alliances they see shaping up for the rest of Season 4. Interestingly enough, this original poster sees an alliance in store for Jamie Dutton.

“Seems like they are building up Jamie for a switch, from loathed to unlikely hero,” the original poster wrote. “I can imagine him joining forces with Kayce against Beth/Rip/JD. But what line would need to be crossed?”

The original poster continued, “Perhaps the most unlikely alliance would be Jamie/Rip joining forces. They are both the ultimate outsiders. Rip has implied that Jamie treated him more like a brother than Kayce.”

These are both intriguing avenues to explore on “Yellowstone.” Especially considering the fact that Jamie couldn’t follow through on arresting his dad for ordering the attacks on the Duttons. For all intents and purposes, it looks like Jamie and his dad will be teaming up to take on all the Duttons. But let’s say Jamie switches sides again — here’s what fans have to say about Jamie/Kayce vs. Jamie/Rip.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Weigh In On Potential Alliances

One “Yellowstone” fan responded to the thread with an in-depth look at the original poster’s thoughts on a Jamie team-up.

“I don’t see Jamie teaming up with Rip. Beth’s going to poison that well once she tells Rip about the abortion. Jamie will be lucky if Rip doesn’t break him in two,” the fan wrote. “I can see Kayce protecting Jamie against Rip and Beth. He’s already trying to do that this Season 4 when he tells Dutton that it’s Beth turning everyone against Jamie, that he doesn’t believe Jamie had anything to do with the attacks on the Duttons.”

This is a huge point. So far, Beth hasn’t told Rip why she can’t have children. But if this cat comes out of the bag, everything changes for their dynamic and the dynamic between him and Jamie. But a different ‘Yellowstone” fan threw out another prediction about Rip and Jamie.

“I think it could be Rip and Jamie — which would be a shocker but especially if there is a rupture between Beth and Rip. They (Rip/Jamie) might actually be a formidable force: Jamie’s legal acumen and Rip’s…we’ll, you know, the man is a friggin force!”

The fan continued, “The reason I lean more toward Jamie/Rip over the more natural Jamie/Kayce, is because I think there is going to be a showdown between Jamie and Kayce for the governorship.”

Ooooh, the plot thickens! So far, the conversation introduced in Season 3 about Kayce running for governor has stayed on the back burner. But based on upcoming previews, it looks like Governor Lynelle Perry returns in Episode 7. So, will we see the brothers fight over a potential governorship?

Tell us your thoughts, Outsiders, on Jamie teaming up with Kayce vs. Rip. Or, does he turn into the villain his biological father’s grooming him to be?