‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Premiere: Fans Sound Off on Rip’s Heart-Wrenching Scene With Carter

by Leanne Stahulak

No matter how gruff and tough Rip Wheeler comes across on “Yellowstone,” we all know he’s a sweetheart underneath that leather jacket.

Usually, Rip only shares that sweeter side with Beth, his fiancee. Or even with John, his adopted father (though it’s more respect and loyalty than love). But now, Rip’s gotta whittle out room in his heart for one more person who just might change his life.

WARNING! Major spoilers ahead for “Yellowstone” Season 4. If you haven’t seen the first two episodes, tread carefully.

During the Season 4 premiere, fans finally met Carter, played by Finn Little. Carter is a 14-year-old boy whose dad just died from substance abuse. He and Beth form a bond at the hospital, and when Carter gets caught robbing a convenience store, he tells the sheriff to take him to Beth. She decides to temporarily take him in, but first, she’s gotta clear it with Rip.

As soon as Rip meets Carter and hears his backstory, he tells him to get the hell out of his house. Carter does, only to try and steal Beth’s car. So Rip tells Carter he’ll take him into town so he doesn’t steal anything from the Duttons. But on the way into town, Carter and Rip fight. Carter wants Rip to give him a chance, and Rip refuses. Eventually, Carter pisses him off so much that Rip tells him to get out of the truck.

But as Rip starts heading back towards the ranch, he sees Carter standing there in the rearview mirror. And Rip knows he can’t just leave the kid standing on the side of the road. So he turns around and offers Carter a job on the ranch.

Fans Love the New Dynamic in Rip and Beth’s Relationship on ‘Yellowstone’

During “Yellowstone” Season 3, Beth and Rip had a tough conversation about how she can never have kids. Now, it looks like they just might’ve found the kid they never knew they could have.

Fans on Twitter talked about the scene between Carter and Rip and how it really represented a turning point for both characters. Maybe Rip saw the good in Carter just like John Dutton saw the good in him.

When Rip initially left Carter on the road, one fan said, “Ooh! Rip you can’t leave that baby out there like that.”

But once he picked Carter up again, fans knew the kid was there to stay.

Looks like Rip is gonna be a dad,” Twitter user Jose Herrera said.

“We all know under the rough & tough exterior, Rip is just a big old teddy bear…lol!!” wrote Karen.

Melinda Huntimer said, “I loved this scene with Beth RIP and Carter. Out of character for both of them to be such softies.”

And Joycelyn Lawson commented, “Loved how Beth knows Rip so well that she just let it go and allowed him to work through it. She knows her man!”

We’ll see how this new family dynamic plays out next week on “Yellowstone.”