‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Promo Features Dead Body, Which Character Could It Be?

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo Credit: Yellowstone Gallery, Paramount Network Press Center, Viacom)

A new promo video teasing the upcoming fourth season of “Yellowstone” has the internet in an uproar as to what it could mean.

The video features a stampede of speeding horses galloping through a dusty field. After several horses pass by the screen in a hurry, a final horse runs closely after them. The horse is obviously slower than the rest of his friends as he is a good distance behind them but trying to catch up. It is almost as if something is slowing him down or holding him back. Upon further inspection, you will see that this is indeed the case as the horse is carrying some extra luggage — a dead body.

The body is being dragged behind the horse as it speeds away over the mesa. It appears to be secured to the horse by a long rope and flails along behind the racing horse. It is assumed the person is dead — because who could survive being dragged through a field by a horse? Now, “Yellowstone” fans are trying to figure who the corpse belongs to and if it is a character currently on the show. Here is the promo — pay special attention to the last horse.

“Every. Body. Pays.,” the caption to the social media post reads.

“Yellowstone” fans have themselves in a frenzy over the promo video as they try to figure whose corpse is being dragged by the horse. There are a number of possibilities so let’s take a look at just a few.

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Have a Few Candidates in Mind

The first candidate that comes to mind is that of Market Equities representative Roarke Morris. In an interview earlier this year, Josh Holloway, the actor playing Roarke said he will “get his” for sure. Being dragged to death by a horse is an especially heinous way to die and equivalent to torture. In the old west, horse dragging execution was saved for the worst of vandals committing unspeakable crimes. “Yellowstone” fans believe Roarke could be behind the attack on the Dutton at the end of season three. The Duttons may just have a painful death waiting for Roarke in their search for revenge.

Jamie Dutton is another candidate to be the corpse dragged by the horse. There is no character on “Yellowstone” more unstable and unpredictable than Jamie. He is also another strong possibility to be behind the Dutton family attacks in season three. Would John Dutton do this to someone he’s called “son” for so long? He would if Jamie outright tries to overtake him most would suppose.

There are plenty of other characters that could be the dead body hanging from the horse. Thomas Rainwater, Garrett Randall and Willa Hayes could also be in the revenge path for the Duttons.

With “Yellowstone” set to return in November, our wait for answers will soon come to an end.