‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Promo Has Fans Thinking Rip Wheeler Is Going to Die: Here’s Why

by Thad Mitchell

Fans of the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone” are holding their breath in anticipation for the upcoming new season.

The latest season, the show’s fourth installment, will be arriving later this year in the fall. November 7 is the date that “Yellowstone” fans will want to mark in their calendars for the premiere of season four.

In advance of the upcoming brand new season, “Yellowstone” has been quite active on social media. The show has dropped a few teaser trailers on its social media sites to whet the appetite of its large fan base. This strategy definitely seems to be working as “Yellowstone” fans are chomping at the bits for new episodes. The teaser trailers are extremely gripping and tease a war is coming to the Dutton Ranch.

One of the latest trailers, however, has some fans crossing their fingers that one fan-favorite doesn’t meet his demise in the new season. Here is the trailer from the “Yellowstone” Instagram page — pay special attention to the final shot.

“That better not be Rip’s hat lying on the ground there at the end!” one fan writes in the comments. “Surely they wouldn’t kill him off, right?”

“Killing Rip Wheeler would be the biggest mistake the show can make,” another says. “I don’t think they will, or at least I hope they don’t. He’s one of the superstars.”

‘Yellowstone’ Fans Don’t Want Rip to Die

Rip is one of if not the most liked characters on “Yellowstone” by a wide margin. Show writers might have a mutiny on their hands if they kill off Rip. Numerous fans of the modern western drama flooded the comments section of the post with prayers that Rip will be alive and well at the end of this season. Still, this is “Yellowstone,” and the show has no hesitation when it comes to killing off characters.

Played by Cole Hauser, Rip Wheeler is a rough and rugged cowboy and leader of the “Yellowstone” bunkhouse crew. While he is more than capable of herding cattle and setting fence posts, Rip’s value comes from serving as the enforcer for the Dutton family. Never one to back down from a fight, he’s shown a willingness to handle the family’s dirty work. He does away with the family’s foes for good when called upon. Blessed with brute strength and intimidating size, Rip often overpowers his foes before sending them to the train station.

It is easy to see why fans are a little panicky over one of their favorite characters. Rip meeting his end would completely shift the dynamic of the show.

We all hope Rip makes it through the fourth season and into the fifth season. Something tells me we will get our wish.