‘Yellowstone’ Season 4 Reportedly Begins with the ‘Craziest 13.5 Minutes of TV’

by Lauren Boisvert

According to a Reddit post by user Kahnspiracy, an editor for Yellowstone claims that season 4 will be totally bonkers. “The first episode begins with probably the craziest 13.5 minutes of TV I’ve ever edited. Easily my favorite season so far. I hope you enjoy it.”

Currently, the editor in the Reddit post remains unnamed, and the Instagram post referenced can’t be found. But there’s no doubt that season 4 will open on something insane, whether the Reddit post is to be believed or not.

According to another Reddit post, a 5-minute season 4 sneak peek apparently aired on Paramount at 6:00pm on Friday, September 3; not much information can be found on that, either, so there’s no telling if it actually aired.

‘Yellowstone’ Season 3 Left Us All Terrified

Yellowstone season 3 ended on a low note for the Duttons, featuring explosions and shoot-outs galore. The perpetrator of the attack is still unknown, but there have been plenty of theories floating around.

One theory from Reddit user ilikefixingthingz claims that Monica could be behind the explosion. The post states, “when Kaycee [sic] is on the phone with Monica and the Livestock office is attacked, the shot switches to Monica and an explosion is heard in the background where she is.” The post asks, is there another explosion on the ranch that we don’t see? One commenter points out that Monica turns in the direction of the explosion; it’s possible it couldn’t just be coming through her phone. Another user commented, “if all the Duttons except Monica die, Monica gets the land… and could give it back to the natives… since she believes no one should own all that land.”

Another theory points to the white supremacist militia from season 2; one Reddit user claims that the hits were too messy to be hired professionals, like Market Equities, or a hit from Thomas Rainwater. These hits could be retaliation for all the neo-Nazis the Duttons killed when searching for Kayce’s son Tate. At least, speculates one Reddit user, Kayce’s attack definitely has potential to be from the white supremacists.

What’s Next for the Duttons?

There’s no doubt Yellowstone season 4 will start out completely crazy; if they’re picking up right where they left off in season 3, there’s going to be a lot to answer for. But also, how will the season top this? Will the rest of the season fizzle out with the attacks explained? Or will the show drag out the questions, piling more mystery on until fans don’t know which way is up? Looks like we’ll all just have to wait until November 7 to find out.