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‘Yellowstone’ Season 4: Ryan Bingham Reveals Whether Walker vs. Lloyd Beef Is Over

by Thad Mitchell
(Photo by Per Ole Hagen/Redferns)

One of the top storylines of the fourth season of “Yellowstone” is the rising feud between two members of the Ranch’s bunkhouse crew.

Ryan Bingham’s Walker and Forrie J. Smith’s Lloyd have come to blows on more than one occasion this season. The first fist came when Walker offered Lloyd a bowl of Teeter’s questionable stew. Obviously wishing to be left alone, Lloyd took offense and attacked Walker. Both many got in some solid licks before Rip Wheeler came in to break up the fight. Rip also pummeled his supposed best pal Lloyd for instigating the fight but he did harm Walker at all. Then, in the most recent episode, all hell breaks loose between the two “Yellowstone” workers. After taking and smashing his guitar, Lloyd plunges a knife into Walker’s chest. Rip later has Lloyd and Walker fight it out inside the “Yellowstone arena. The fight is pretty evenly matched with Lloyd the last man standing. Rip again attacks and beats up Lloyd, even going as far as to break his hand this time.

So, did the two ranch hands get it out of their systems with the arena brawl, Bingham says they may be patching things up. In an interview with Cowboys and Indians, The country star says his “Yellowstone” character will look to make amends with Lloyd.

“I don’t know about no more of it!” he says in the interview. “But, I can say that we are trying to work it out. That’s the best that we can do.”

“Yellowstone” fans are curious to see what “work it out,” as Bingham puts it, actually means. Will Walker and Lloyd make an attempt to refrain from hurting each other? Is it possible they could be friends in the future? We’ll find out as season four moves along.

‘Yellowstone’ Season Four is Hitting The Home Stretch

There are just four more episodes of “Yellowstone’s” fourth season remaining and still much needs to be solved.

Bingham was in no hurry to give up the show’s secrets away in the interview but hinted that fans will be pleased. He also notes the boost that “Yellowstone” has given him and his music career. He also says we can expect new music from him at some point next year.

“A whole lot has happened with the show Yellowstonebut with the music stuff and getting able to work with Taylor Sheridan on Yellowstone and write some songs for the show and perform them on the show — that’s just been a really great experience and very inspiring,” he says. “Other than that, I’m just writing songs and continuing doing the same thing. I have a new album probably going to come out at the end of next year and working on Yellowstone still.

Hopefully. we’ll get to see more of Walker and Lloyd on Sunday with season four seventh episode.